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Is your every month bill painful? – Design the bill of your choice

Are you experiencing high $ Invoices / Bills every month?   Why not experience a FREE TRIAL with Bristol Healthcare services and design the bill of your choice.  We assure YOU the best services delivered across the medical billing outsourcing industry.

At Bristol Healthcare Services – Anything is Doable in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management


  • +95% claims collections
  • 99% coding accuracy
  • 100% HIPAA – HITECH compliance
  • Claims submission within 24 Hours max
  • Dedicated team and Manager – One single point of contact
  • Dedicated Toll free phone / Fax / and secured FTP
  • Lowest rates with no hidden cost

                                 – Or ask us what more do you want…

Our List of Pre Designed Services for you:-

  • Patient Scheduling
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Demographic entry
  • Medical Coding
  • Charge entry & Cash Posting
  • Accounts Receivable & Management
  • Aged AR Cleanup
  • Patient Billing & Follow-up
  • Credentialing / Re Credentialing
  • EDI / EFT Setup
  • Fee Schedule Negotiation

Let me know what you are looking for in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Bring together your team for a successful contract negotiation.

Our Credentialing specialist team lead by Mr. Albert Marvin successfully implemented and negotiated contract for a Neurology physician this April, 2016.

Very recently we introduced ancillary healthcare services to encourage our clients utilizing Credentialing and Contracting services at no extra cost.  We know “Nothing fits the same for all”. Also, we recommend our physicians to demand their annual report card that lets physicians know how they stand with their peers.

All Healthcare Payers GOAL is to place physician’s front and center in the mission to improve the health of their members, and LOWER OVERALL HEALTHCARE COSTS.

Physicians/Practice Managers are you sure you are getting the best rate available for your healthcare services?

Your practice future depends on effectively negotiating with your private payer plans.

Become PQRS Expert.  Negotiate your low hanging fruit; create your top 10 Dx code along with cost associated CPT, Monitor your payer mix from year to year, because payer contributions to your business can change over time.

Know when each of your contracts expires and how much notice you must give to make changes.  Experts recommend the following contractual elements as areas to which practices should pay attention:

  • Retro/Authorization procedure for treatment.
  • Period allowed appealing a denied claim.
  • Requirements relating to use of oral or injectable drugs.
  • Time specified for clean claim payment, and interest paid for late payment.
  • Procedure for adding new service lines.
  • Period required for providing notice of modification proposals.
  • Cancellation clause, including the advance notice required.

Feel free to e-connect or call Bristol Healthcare Services to find HOW and WHEN to negotiate or renegotiate your current contracts to include the best reimbursement rate for your practice.

Healthcare Ancillary services – Engage and identify the possibilities to overcome

Take a look at the Bristol Healthcare Services recommends feature, or request a demo of our Services.  There is no one-size-fits all solution, so Bristol Healthcare Services developed a number of different ways for you to get the insights you need.

Ancillary healthcare services refers to the wide range of services to single / Group physicians, Healthcare Facilities, Diagnostic lab’s and other healthcare entities.

Many a times, physicians have to deploy resources such as capital, equipment, software and admin staffs to deal with insurance reimbursement delays.  More often than not, some of these issues can be avoided if only the credentialing process had been carried out properly and thoroughly.

  • Credentialing services
  • Fee schedule negotiation
  • Medicare Revalidation
  • Clearing house / EDI and EFT setup