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JW modifier on Part B drug claims Effective from January 1, 2017

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued CR 9603 to alert MACs and providers of the change in policy regarding the use of the JW modifier for discarded Part B drugs and biologicals. Effective January 1, 2017, providers are required to: • Use the JW modifier for claims with unused drugs or biologicals from single use vials or single use packages that are appropriately discarded (except those provided under the Competitive Acquisition Program (CAP) for Part B drugs and biologicals) and • Document the discarded drug or biological in the patient’s medical record when submitting claims with unused Part B drugs or biologicals from single use vials or single use packages that are appropriately discarded MLN Matters® Number: MM9603 Related Change Request Number: 9603 Page 2 of 2 Make sure that your billing staffs are aware of these changes. Remember that the JW modifier is not used on claims for CAP drugs and biologicals.

The “Medicare Claims Processing Manual,” Chapter 17, Section 40 provides policy detailing the use of the JW modifier for discarded Part B drugs and biologicals. The current policy allows MACs the discretion to determine whether to require the JW modifier for any claims with discarded drugs or biologicals, and the specific details regarding how the discarded drug or biological information should be documented. Be aware in order to more effectively identify and monitor billing and payment for discarded drugs and biologicals, CMS is revising this policy to require the uniform use of the JW modifier for all claims with discarded Part B drugs and biologicals.

Affordable Healthcare Plan: Rising Rates in 2017

Health insurances rates under affordable healthcare act are expected to rise in 2017. As per the federal government estimate for 2017, Obamacare plans are expected to cost 22% more on an average. In some states the rates go up more than 100% and in few states it goes down by 8-10%. Overall the healthcare plan premiums are expected to go up sharply. If you are getting your insurance through your employer, you do not need to worry. If you have an individual insurance policy this maybe a great concern and time to shop for insurance plans that best fits you needs and budget. Please look into the insurance market place and compare plans. It is important to consider the coverage features, deductible, co-pay, out of pocket expenses and your state of health before selecting your insurance plan. All new enrollments are open on November 1st 2016 for coverage effective from January 1st 2017. An individual needs to pick his plan by December 15th, 2016. If you do your research and pick the right policy, you might actually save money.

Bristol Healthcare Services opens branch offices in different locations

A Pioneering Effort Aimed at Helping Healthcare Entities Maximize their Revenues:Bristol Healthcare Services aims to help Healthcare Entities increase their cash flow by offering robust Medical Coding Services, Eligibility Verification, Medic Legal Services, Data Entries and Accounts Receivables Follow up to manage patient claims efficiently. In its continued efforts, Bristol Healthcare Services opens branch offices in different locations to assist the healthcare providers comprehensively.

Addressing the concerns of the medical service providers struggling to meet deadlines while submitting patient claims, Bristol Healthcare, recognized as a premier Medical Billing Company has introduced a plethora of services, which is aimed at increasing the overall revenue generation efficiency of the Healthcare providers. Having hired a team of experts, Bristol has announced that it has the experience as well as latest technology to provide the required support to Healthcare providers in organizing tons of patient data in a systematic manner when it comes to maintaining records as well as settling patient claims.

A major advantage for Healthcare providers availing these Medical Billing Services will be that, since the data is all coded and organized, it will not be lost. Also, once the records are digitized, managing them becomes easier. This in turn empowers the Healthcare providers to strengthen their patient relationship by submitting the claims on time. Additionally, the Medical Billing services are also expected to help Healthcare providers reduce their denials and optimize their revenues without investing too much money.

Continuing its endeavor to serve the Healthcare providers across the globe, Bristol Healthcare Services is investing paramount efforts to understand the new technologies that will contribute in increasing the overall efficiency of the bouquet of services that they offer. In line with this initiative, Bristol Healthcare Services, a premier Medical Coding Company, has worked out a detailed action plan to keep up with industry changes. This new plan will help Healthcare providers maintain the cash flow and pay claims on time. The Company has also announced that it will be using On-line Software and the latest Desktop Coding Software to enable faster and efficient processing of data. As part of this initiative, Bristol has also confirmed that it will be investing in continuous on-line training programs to keep its staff updated with the latest trends in the industry.