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Accurate Charge Entry is Vital for Successful Medical Billing

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A charge entry team

The success of healthcare revenue cycle management depends to a large extent on an accurate charge entry process. Consequently,  there are fewer denials and constant cash flow for the practice.

For successful medical billing, charge entry should be streamlined with built-in audit checks to ensure the correctness of all data in a claim. Therefore the billing and coding teams have to work in coordination to submit error-free claims.

Accurate Data Capture is essential

On receipt of files from the healthcare professional, the data that has to be captured should accurately cover

1) Date of the service provided

2) Billing and Rendering providers

3) Admission Date

4) Place of service

5)  Physician Reference

6) Pre-authorization

7) CPT coding and units performed

8)  Diagnosis Codes

9) Modifiers

Charge entry process and audit

The charges for the services rendered by the physician have to be entered following the correct diagnosis and procedure codes and the updated fee schedule. Next the internal audit team will check if there are missed charges, cases of over-billing, duplicate posting, undercharges and importantly if there are coding errors. Other essential checks include verifying if all treatments/units are billed for, modifiers appended and checking charges with other department billers and coders.

Importance of correct charge entry

  • Patient accounts reflect accurate monetary value due to correct charges entry and precise coding
  • Payments received, or denials are decided by the charge entry made for all services rendered by physicians
  • Errors in charge entry lead to denials and potential loss of revenue
  • Billing companies will make sure that there is excellent coordination between charge entry teams and coding teams to ensure the submission of clean claims.

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