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Are you being paid for every charge you are entitled to?

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Bristol Healthcare Billing service offers you customized billing solutions for your specialty. We start by reviewing your current billing procedures for any missing billable charges and then create a system tailored to fit your needs. Customizing our industry proven solutions to your specific practice requirements sets us apart from our competitors.

Revenue delayed is revenue unearned, that is why Bristol Billing service is committed to providing the most reliable and efficient billing service in the industry.

      Our staff
      Highly trained
      Kept up to date on changes

Put our experience to work for you
The costs of running your own billing operation can add up. When you partner with Bristol Healthcare services, you will have access to our professional staff and knowledge base. Outsourcing your medical billing to Bristol allows you to eliminate hidden costs and concentrate on production while someone else concentrates on collection. Practices that outsource their billing to Bristol has stated that they have saved 40% and over the cost of handling their billing internally.