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Attn: Medical Billing Companies

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A quick analysis will help you find where you are among your competitors, if you haven’t done – do it right now!

Maintaining a medical billing company is a biggest task; as you have to monitor both employee and client satisfaction.  Also need to overcome the challenges besides competing with other companies in the same domain while managing the financial health of your entity.

This analysis will identify you whether your company needs an expansion to be comparatively competitive amongst the top billing companies.

If you find you are far behind in growth, you can value add a virtual office by subcontracting partial of your work to an offshore vendor to cut cost.  It has been the secret of success of many medical billing companies across the nation.  Why not break your rule of traditional in-house billing and find a trusted partner for outsourcing your medical billing, medical coding or accounts receivable service.  Now a days, Most of the offshore billing companies work on two different modules: either on a percentage basis or per FTE chargeable.

Percentage basis means the offshore billing company charges only a percentage of the revenue they bring in for your company.  With this in mind, they are going to be a lot more diligent about faster collections and resubmitting claims. Your current employees don’t need to run through denied claims.

FTE Chargeable means the offshore billing company charges on an hourly basis, thus they bring in expert associates to complete your work within stipulated TAT that too with highest productivity or reimbursement.  So that you can manage your priority work completed on time and to manage HR policies.

Retain your clients earning their goodwill and trust, off shore partners are there to deliver work effectively with excellent quality and time.  Your clients will be 100% satisfied with your performance and will refer more clients.  By offshoring your works you earn trust and expand your client base.  Also double your financial growth

Do not stop with one subcontractor, source two or more to double your business growth.  Why not you enjoy the same as your other competitors do!

Secret of Success

  • Shop offshore subcontractors
  • Find what module works for you fine
  • Negotiate pricing
  • Talk to experts – Double your business growth