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6 Major Benefits of Electronic Claims Submission

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Physician checking claims before submission

What is electronic claims submission?

An electronic claim is a paperless claim form generated electronically by the billing software with the biller’s data input. It is transmitted through the internet to an insurance company for reimbursement. Consequently, submitting claims electronically reduces the time taken for this process and the expenses involved. It increases the practice’s cash flow and helps to streamline operations.

Benefits of electronic claims submission

Among the many benefits of opting for submission of claims electronically, six major ones are.

1) It reduces the amount of time and resources needed for claims submission. The need to fill out and store paper claims is eliminated. Record keeping is now simplified and the clerical time saved can be used for other administrative work. Overall, there is a massive reduction in postage, supplies and mailing expenditure.

2) Can pre-audit claim fields for potential errors before submission to a payor. Hence you can ensure that there are no lost or incomplete claims. Billing companies will check for accuracy before submitting claims electronically on your behalf.

3) Send claim forms in bulk easily with the almost instantaneous submission of claims. As a result, the number of people needed to submit claims is reduced.

4) Track a claim’s progress through an electronic audit trail securely at any time.

5) Payor’s claims processing turnaround is faster and the potential payment time frame is reduced.

6) Accounts receivable management is vastly improved as claims issues can be identified even before submitting to payors.

How can Bristol Healthcare help you?

Bristol Healthcare Services, a medical billing company, will submit your claims electronically within 24 hours of receipt of the encounter form.

Our billers have been trained in various practice management software. After a pre-audit, claims will be submitted electronically. Our company’s already HIPAA compliant processes take into account the requirements of multiple payors for claims submission. Further, we track the progress of the claim with the payor till reimbursement. And we will keep you updated about the progress of the claim.

Our electronic claims processing service and other medical billing services will help you

  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Reduce your administrative expenses
  • Increase clean claims submission
  • Reduce rejections and denials

Partner with us for a mutually rewarding partnership!

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