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Bristol Healthcare services initiated social awareness camp this July, 2016

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At Bristol healthcare Services, we recently conducted a health check camp for our employees and extended the services to nearby residents affected with ‘Diabetic Complications’

Bristol Healthcare services realized most of the employees working in rotational shifts are usually ignorant about their health status, though their risks are higher due to desk bound lifestyle.  In association with NGO we organized a special camp with the help of paramedical staff a health checkup camp.  Blood sugar Random, Blood pressure and Diabetes was checked for approximately 300 employees and +2000 residents free of charge at 12 public places around the city to spread awareness about the disease on 4th of July.

Results were given to the employees immediately and the same was mailed to the participants attached with explaining the importance of Health Checkup packages and profiles offered by Diagnostic center along with a gift coupon to undergo master health checkup to them.

Our Vice President Mr. Raymond Kelly said “An inactive, deskbound lifestyle involving lack of exercise, poor calorie management and high stress are one of the biggest contributors to diabetes. He conveyed tips to stay fit materializing exercise a habit”.  Also, he said an advance diabetes detection camp is planned to organize on November 14th, 2016. “The camp will be organized from 10 am to 1pm. We will check the blood sugar of patients and scan them for retinopathy and neuropathy ailments. Further diagnosis will also be done for free.”

Diagnostic procedures like basic checking of height, weight and blood pressure were also performed. Bristol healthcare services will also conduct similar camps in the coming days.