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Employ Coding Best Practices for Maximum Reimbursement


Coding best practices are indispensable

To be financially successful, practices must find ways to lower costs and increase revenue. With rising business costs, it is imperative to capture every dollar by plugging all sources of revenue leakage. It is the diagnostic and procedural codes submitted with claims that mandate the quantum of reimbursement paid to physicians for services rendered. Here, some coding best practices are explored to maximize reimbursement.

One of the significant areas of concern for practices is incorrect medical coding and consequent rejection of claims. Further, lack of follow-up results in the ballooning of accounts receivable. Notably, a substantial amount of AR is never collected from payors. (more…)

Certified Medical Coders are an Asset to your Practice!

Coders undergoing training

The need for certified medical coders

Change is constant in medical coding due to medical and technological breakthroughs, evolving health insurance legislation and changes in codes on account of other factors. Hence a healthcare facility is always in need of experienced medical coders with the required certification. Thus, when an employer hires a coder with a professional certification, they can be confident the candidate has the required knowledge and skills proficiency.

Medical coding is not a straightforward process and nearly 8.5 percent of total claims in a multispecialty facility are denied the first time. Re-working claims are expensive. Hence coders are required to be knowledgeable in their specialties as well as keep up with the constant changes in the codes and payor guidelines. (more…)

5 Podiatry Coding Mistakes that Impact your Cash Flow

Podiatrist at work

Podiatry as a specialty is quite different and coding professionals need to be aware of the complexities in this specialty to reduce denial of claims. Medicare and commercial payors insist on medical necessity for foot care and thus, coding in podiatry specialty and revenue cycle management (RCM) is an area where confusion reigns. Most of the payors will reimburse if there is a foot condition but not for its preventive care. Hence podiatry coding procedures need to be dealt with carefully. (more…)