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Meticulous Eligibility Verification Service can Curb Denials!

Insurance eligibility verification is an essential front-office process

What constitutes Eligibility Verification?

Insurance Eligibility Verification Service is an essential front-office process whereby a patient’s insurance eligibility/ insurance coverage is verified to know the extent of benefits a patient is eligible for under their insurance plan. The verification has to be done thoroughly and accurate details obtained. The amount of co-pay that the patient has to bear can be determined through proper insurance verification. Hence it is best to carry out this verification before the patient visits the physician.

At Bristol Healthcare Services, our team of billers will verify the patient’s health insurance and note all the information necessary that will enable us to prepare clean claims. Next, we check with the payor regarding the insurance coverage, the current status of the policy and then follow-up with the patient. (more…)

BristolByte 2.0 – Workflow Management Software Release at Healthpac User Meeting

During the conference, Jay Ganesh, CEO of Bristol Healthcare Services, gave an exclusive presentation on the company’s BristolByte workflow management software.

Bristol Healthcare Services a leading company in revenue cycle management was a Bronze sponsor in 14th Healthpac Annual Users meeting conference at Savannah Desoto Hilton, Liberty St., Savannah, GA 31401 from 22 Feb to 24 Feb.

The conference witnessed the active participation of 130+ representatives of nation’s 30 major medical billing companies. Bristol being the Bronze sponsor for the event also shared its vision on implementing new software and upgrading existing technologies. (more…)

Eligibility Verification is a Significant Denial Management Tool

Eligibility verification is essential to successful medical billing

Why is Eligibility Verification Needed?

Providers lose thousands of dollars every year when services provided by them are denied as non-covered services by the patients’ medical insurance company. Usually, the providers know about these denials anywhere between 15-30 days after the services were provided. As a result, they end up billing the patient after 30 + days and need to spend more time, money and resources to collect the dues. If they are not successful in getting the money from the patient, it will usually be moved to a collection agency. This non-productive billing process can be elevated by adopting insurance eligibility verification.

It is standard for individuals or employers to change their insurance plans for various reasons. These frequent changes make it essential for the providers to have updated information on patient insurance coverage. Hence eligibility verification process has become a crucial step in quicker reimbursement. It reduces and, in many cases, eliminates denials. Thus insurance verification helps to increase provider revenues and weeds out uncollectible. (more…)