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Be prepared for radiology coding changes in 2017

Get ahead the changes of radiology-specific in 2017. Mammography codes are overhauled and summarized.

Changes in Mammography Codes 2017

New Codes Description Deleted Code
77065 Diagnostic mammography, including CAD when Performed; unilateral 77055 / 77051
77066 Diagnostic mammography, including CAD when performed; bilateral 77056 / 77051
77067 Screening mammography, bilateral (2-view study of each breast), including CAD when performed 77057 / 77052


How Eligibility Verification acts as an effective denial management source?

Providers lose thousands of dollars every year when services provided by them are denied as non covered services by the patient’s medical insurance company. Usually the providers get these denials anywhere between 15-30 days after the services were provided. Now, they end up billing the patient after 30 + days and also need to spend more time, money & resources to collect it. If they are not successful in collecting the money, then it will be usually moved to a collection agency. This inefficiency can be erased or reduced by Eligibility Verification Process. (more…)