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Integration of EHR and medical billing enhances operational efficiency and financial returns


Medical practices struggling with time and energy-consuming paperwork can achieve enhanced RCM metrics by adopting Electronic Health Records (EHR) and integrating EHR and medical billing. Electronic processing of the billing-related tasks, managing claims, payment processing and tracking/reporting problems can be made simpler, accurate and faster through integrated medical billing. EHR is becoming the norm across the healthcare industry, and EHR and medical billing integration is the way forward.

An integrated medical billing system must be able to lead to total automation in a practice. EHR integration requires the medical billing system to have the ability to build charts towards medical claims that include details of patient visits, diagnosis details, lab details, etc. This is to say, all operational dimensions of the practice must be successfully merged into the integrated medical billing solution.  (more…)

Essential steps for smooth Medicare provider credentialing



Medicare provider credentialing is the process of approving a physician, supplier, or other medical professionals as part of the Medicare supply chain. A credentialed Medicare provider renders medical services to Medicare beneficiaries. 

To get credentialed with Medicare, a provider must fulfill specific criteria to go through the enrolment process. Essential steps in Medicare credentialing are: (more…)



Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is therapeutic equipment such as nebulizers, ventilators prescribed by physicians to patients having certain medical conditions. However, equipment used for convenience or beyond reasonable medical requirements is not covered under DME billing.

DME billing can be challenging due to constant changes in regulations and documentation requirements. Thorough knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payors’ guidelines is necessary for claims to be passed.  (more…)