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The healthcare system is quite a complex system to navigate with many rules and regulations to follow. The medical billing sub-system has so much paperwork involved that healthcare providers find it challenging to surmount. Apart from this, rules keep changing and billing staff has to be well versed in them so that claims are not rejected. These factors are quite likely to result in increasing account receivables affecting the financial health of a practice. It would be prudent to opt for assistance from an offshore vendor to handle your back-office work effectively. (more…)

5 Reasons to Outsource to a Medical Billing Company

Medical professionals train for years to get qualified to treat patients. While service to humanity is the overriding mission in their lives, they are sadly ill-equipped to handle their professions’ business side. The healthcare system has many parts and is not simple. Doctors have to handle tons of paperwork to get reimbursed for the services they render. The billing and coding paperwork has to be accurate, which adds further stress to the already stressed physician. Therefore, doctors prefer a medical billing company they can trust to do the coding and billing for them.

A billing company follows HIPAA and other industry guidelines and makes sure physicians receive payments quickly. Billers and coders go through regular training on Revenue Cycle Management processes, understanding the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) /other codes and keeping themselves updated with changes. The medical billing and coding company is fully equipped and competent to handle the entire RCM cycle, thus ensuring that physicians are financially healthy.