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BHS to Showcase its RCM Solutions & Workflow Management Platform BristolByte™ at the HBMA Revenue Cycle Conference 2022

Los Angeles, California Sep 7, 2022 – Bristol Healthcare Services, Inc. announced today that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2022 Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) Fall Conference in St. Louis, Missouri from September 15th -17th.


Press Release – Bristol Healthcare Expands its Prior Authorization / Gap Authorization Services Wing

Press Release on “ Bristol Healthcare Expands its Prior Authorization / Gap Authorization Services Wing” was published in on 18 November 2021.

Bristol Healthcare Expands its Prior Authorization / Gap Authorization Services Wing

Los Angeles, California Nov 18, 2021 (  – Bristol Healthcare Services, a medical billing and coding company located in Los Angeles, California, is pleased to announce the expansion of their prior authorization/gap authorization services wing.

Bristol Healthcare has been signing up more clients in the recent past who want prior authorization and gap authorization services. “With more clients requesting this particular service, we have decided to expand this wing to better serve our esteemed clients,” says Jay Ganesh, CEO of Bristol Healthcare Services. (more…)

Key Features to Look for in a Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software used by a physician

Practices, whether large or small, would like to be free of tasks that suck their time and energy. Physicians would prefer investing their energy in delivering the finest patient care. Now technology has come to the aid of healthcare organizations and Practice Management Software (PMS) is one such tool. (more…)

Integration of EHR and Medical Billing Enhances Operational Efficiency and Financial returns

Physician explaining the EHR system

What is EHR and medical billing integration

Medical practices struggling with time and energy-consuming paperwork can achieve enhanced RCM metrics by adopting Electronic Health Records (EHR) and integrating EHR and medical billing. Electronic processing of the billing-related tasks, managing claims, payment processing and tracking/reporting problems can be made simpler, accurate and faster through integrated medical billing. EHR is becoming the norm across the healthcare industry, and EHR and medical billing integration is the way forward.

An integrated medical billing system must be able to lead to total automation in a practice. EHR integration requires the medical billing system to have the ability to build charts towards medical claims that include details of patient visits, diagnosis details, lab details, etc. This is to say, all operational dimensions of the practice must be successfully merged into the integrated medical billing solution.  (more…)

What are the Major Challenges in Physician Credentialing?

What is physician credentialing?

Physician Credentialing is the process of checking a provider’s competency, as demonstrated by education, training, licensing, and work experience. The Credentials Verification Organization will directly ascertain the medical provider’s education, training, licenses, work history and malpractice history.

Physician credentialing is essential to all parties in the healthcare industry. As a result, hospitals and clinics are guaranteed quality care from the physicians they hire. Physicians, when credentialed, can become part of an insurance company’s network. Furthermore, Medical Credentialing assures patients that the healthcare industry is maintaining the highest standards of care. (more…)

3 Methods that Guarantee Increased Revenue for your Practice

Medical professionals go through a long period of training before they can take care of patients. The rigorous training prepares them for a life of service to others. Sadly they are ill-prepared to take care of the business side of their practice. Here are three tips that will guarantee increased revenue.

1) Robust knowledge of processes

The primary and the most crucial aspect of reducing claims denials and improving medical practice revenue is understanding the medical coding and billing process completely. Medical billing and coding processes are rather complex and require that the individuals handling them be knowledgeable and aware of the industry’s constant changes. This requires an understanding of the insurance policy, the rules for processing a claim and a thorough knowledge of ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS and HCC. Finally, an excellent Revenue Cycle Management tool is needed for managing the entire process. Since every payor has its policy, it is imperative to understand their rules and regulations for processing claims. Equally, one should keep abreast of the changes introduced by payors. Such knowledge makes sure that claims pass through the system with minimal issues/denials, thus exponentially increasing revenue. Studying and analyzing past denials helps discover trends, which ensures that mistakes/omissions do not recur.  (more…)