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Powerful Leads to Enhance Patient Volume and Expand your Practice

Tech savvy medical professional can increase patient volume!

Covid-19 has brought to the fore the need for monitoring one’s health and wellness. More than ever, people have realized that self-care is the way to go forward. Despite the billions in lost revenue all over the country, medical practices now have the opportunity to reengage with their patients and, in fact, increase their patient volume. Individuals who previously did not think about preventive healthcare may now seek a primary care provider. Also, technology has now enabled a new option for patients and providers, namely, telehealth.

The following leads will assuredly help you in increasing patient volume and growing your practice.  (more…)

Organized Patient Appointment Scheduling Leads to Better Revenue Cycle Performance

Billers busy with patient appointment scheduling

Importance of organized patient appointment scheduling

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management begins with patient appointment scheduling. A delicate balance needs to be worked out between seeing as many patients as possible and patient satisfaction while scheduling appointments. Long patient wait times and ineffective handling of patient appointments are bound to impact healthcare delivery negatively. On the other hand, understanding the needs of patients and asking the right questions go a long way in establishing patient trust and loyalty. (more…)

Is Radiology Billing an Ordeal? 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Radiologist at work

Radiology Billing

Radiology billing is a complex process and involves precise documentation and coding skill. Billers require to be up to date with their knowledge, for even small errors lead to rejection of claims. Depending on where services are provided – hospital setting or physician’s office – charges vary. Further, it is imperative to know current coding rules, codes and compliance guidelines. Being on top of all changes means fewer mistakes and increased revenue.

In recent years there has been a spurt in denials based on authorization issues. Delay in imaging leads to delay in treatment. In the case of some illnesses, delay in treatment results in adverse outcomes. Hence documentation from referring physicians and up to date knowledge of rules is crucial in radiology medical billing.