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Certified Medical Coders are an Asset to your Practice!

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Coders undergoing training

The need for certified medical coders

Change is constant in medical coding due to medical and technological breakthroughs, evolving health insurance legislation and changes in codes on account of other factors. Hence a healthcare facility is always in need of experienced medical coders with the required certification. Thus, when an employer hires a coder with a professional certification, they can be confident the candidate has the required knowledge and skills proficiency.

Medical coding is not a straightforward process and nearly 8.5 percent of total claims in a multispecialty facility are denied the first time. Re-working claims are expensive. Hence coders are required to be knowledgeable in their specialties as well as keep up with the constant changes in the codes and payor guidelines.

Accurate coding and coding audit are crucial

Whether it be a small practice or hospital, coding audits are as important as coding. Ensuring clinical documentation accuracy and claims information is vital to risk mitigation and managing the revenue cycle.

Accurate coding can therefore be a source of stress for a physician when all you want is the freedom to focus on your patients. Not to worry! Bristol Healthcare Services is here to assist you. For over twenty years, we have served physicians, helping them to increase their revenue through submitting clean claims.

Medical coding at Bristol Healthcare

Our coders are all certified by AAPC and AHIMA. Apart from being certified, our coders undergo constant training. The continuous staff education ensures that our team is kept abreast of the changes in rules, regulations, and code sets changes. We watch out for payor coding updates, EMR updates, rejections and denial codes and hence our coding work is error-free. Our goal is to submit clean claims on your behalf and have them reimbursed the first time itself.

Our certified medical coders are efficient at

  1. 1) ICD-10-CM coding
  2. 2) CPT-4 coding
  3. 3) HCPCS coding
  4. 4) HCC coding

Our team offers coding services for more than 30 specialties.

We also do Coding Audit

The coding team is also experienced in coding Audit and  they render the following services

  • Chart Audits and Code Reviews
  • Onshore and Offshore coding audits
  • Payer specific coding requirements

You can rely on us to have your coding needs met with excellence. With us on your side, you can be sure that your revenue is bound to increase and your practice expands.

Reach out to us today! Let us help you dissolve your coding worries!

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