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Coding Updates for ICD-10-PCS

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It’s only June of 2017, but for coders that means it’s time to start watching for 2018 updates.

ICD-10-PCS files are already available for review. This inpatient coding system, which changes to the 2018 version on Oct. 1, 2017, there are

  • 3,562 new codes
  • 646 deletions for a total of 78,705 codes in the next version.
  • And 1,821 revisions.

Here are some highlights:

Revisions for clarity and usefulness in the Medical and Surgical section:

Medical and Surgical: As you review the definitions addenda file, watch for deletions that have a related addition.

Example: For Section 0 (Medical and Surgical), Character 4 (Body Part), you’ll see “Delete” next to the ICD-10-PCS value Nose. But before you start wondering how you’ll report nose procedures, scroll down a bit to find the added value Nasal Mucosa and Soft Tissue. The terms in the definition for both values are the same.

Addition of endoscopic approaches to various tables:

Tables: The table’s addenda file is more than 400 pages, so homing in on the changes specific to what you code will be important for manageable 2018 preparation.

Example: If you report procedures on the coronary arteries, check out the changes to the table for 3E0 with fourth character 7. You’ll see a new fifth character option 4 for Percutaneous Endoscopic.