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Dermatology Coding: Avoid Common Errors And Increase Your Revenue

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Dermatology coding is intricate

Accurate medical coding is indispensable to successful revenue cycle management. Among specialties, dermatology specialty coding and billing are intricate with unique aspects such as sizing wounds and lesions and many terms used. Therefore, dermatology coders must be able to distinguish between simple, intermediate and complex repairs. Also, they must understand terms associated with sizing (length, depth, width, and circumference) and actions such as shaving, destruction, and performing biopsies.

Mistakes in Dermatology coding and billing

Common mistakes that arise in dermatology coding and billing and how to avoid them are:

  • Know the difference between a biopsy, a shave and an excision.
  • Definitely no overbilling for excisions or under-billing for re-excisions.
  • Do not up-code destruction of benign lesions
  • No under-coding for destruction of malignancies
  • Submit claims for excisions after reviewing the pathology report
  • Billing for cosmetic removal of lesions could be deemed fraudulent
  • Know when to use modifiers.

Use of modifiers

The complexity involved in dermatology clearly shows that modifiers with E/M and dermatology procedure codes have to be done with care. So to correctly apply modifiers in dermatology, a deep understanding of all the components and documentation requirements in codes with global periods is required. And accurate coding will expedite reimbursement. At the same time, incorrect coding leads to delayed payments and even audits. It is the difference between getting paid for services and getting audited.

How Bristol Healthcare will assist you

At Bristol Healthcare Services, our certified and expert coders and billers will ensure that your dermatology medical billing is done accurately. Continuing education for staff is a top priority in our organization. With the constantly changing healthcare industry rules, it is imperative that coders and billers be well-informed so that clean claims are submitted.

The widening scope of dermatology leads to your practice expanding. We assist you in maximizing revenues. Also, by partnering with us, a company that has served physicians for over 20 years, you will reduce your capital and monthly expenses.

Talk to us today about the needs of your dermatology practice. Our solutions will be customized to suit you.

Let us assist you in taking your practice to the next level!

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