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Meticulous Eligibility Verification Service can Curb Denials!

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Insurance eligibility verification is an essential front-office process

What constitutes Eligibility Verification?

Insurance Eligibility Verification Service is an essential front-office process whereby a patient’s insurance eligibility/ insurance coverage is verified to know the extent of benefits a patient is eligible for under their insurance plan. The verification has to be done thoroughly and accurate details obtained. The amount of co-pay that the patient has to bear can be determined through proper insurance verification. Hence it is best to carry out this verification before the patient visits the physician.

At Bristol Healthcare Services, our team of billers will verify the patient’s health insurance and note all the information necessary that will enable us to prepare clean claims. Next, we check with the payor regarding the insurance coverage, the current status of the policy and then follow-up with the patient.

How Eligibility Verification helps all stakeholders

Insurance verification may show that the insurance policy does not cover the treatment/procedure fully. We then speak to the patient to let them know about co-pays and other issues. Allowing the patient to know early about out-of-pocket expenses will increase the chances of collecting the funds at the time of service. Patients are also satisfied that they have been made aware of co-pays. It enables them to plan for these expenses.

Where prior authorization is needed, we submit the requisite paperwork to the payor. We follow-up the request with the payor and notify the client if there are any issues with the authorization request.

Through our eligibility verification services, the provider and patients are happy. Our team of billing professionals ensure steady cash flow for you through quick reimbursement by submitting clean claims. Thereby, the quantum of  rejections/denials that arise due to incorrect patient data are significantly reduced. We identify patient responsibility for an upfront payment and intimate them. Patients are therefore not surprised when they receive statements. Our goal is to satisfy healthcare providers and, through them, their patients.

Bristol Healthcare Services is a medical billing and coding company serving medical professionals for over two decades. By virtue of its commitment to its clients, our company has become one of the best in the industry.

Some benefits of partnering with Bristol Healthcare Services 

  • Superior quality of service
  • Minimum rejections
  • Lesser turnaround time
  • Uninterrupted cash flow
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Effective processes
  • Dedicated account management
  • Use of latest technology

Let our team of expert billers take care of your medical billing services. Rest assured that you can focus peacefully on your clients. Your practice will expand and so will your revenues.

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