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How can a superbill benefit your patient?

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Patient being shown Superbill

What is a Superbill?

A medical superbill or encounter form is the primary source of data for preparing claims, which may be submitted by the provider or the patient. The superbill contains the list of services provided to a patient. Along with the list of services, the superbill will show the costs and codes for each exam, treatment, or procedure. It will also contain information about the patient, provider, CPT codes, ICD-10 codes.

A superbill is not necessarily needed for preparing claims by the provider. However, a patient would require a superbill in case (i) the provider is not part of their insurance company’s provider panel, (ii) they are having a Health Savings Account (iii) they are utilizing out of network benefits and need to meet a deductible(s). In these cases, the superbill helps the patient prepare a claim and submit it directly to their insurance company.

What Are the Benefits of Superbills?

Superbill designing may take a little time and effort, but the benefits are worth the effort. When the patient is bearing the out of pocket expenses for the medical service, superbills can help the provider gain clients’ loyalty and trust. Providers can undoubtedly build a loyal patient base, which can elevate their practice over time.

Some of the advantages of superbills are listed below.

  • Help your patients: Patients are likely to feel happier with your services if their insurance company pays fully or partly for them. If they can get reimbursed for the medical services, they are more likely to continue seeing you in the future.
  • Help your practice: Superbills allows you to attract patients who have insurance but you are not on their insurance company’s panel. By attracting more patients, you can expand your practice. If they are happy with the services received, they might refer friends or family to visit you.
  • Reduce paperwork: You would rather spend time helping patients heal than filling out insurance claims. At Bristol Healthcare Services, we will do all the back-office work of creating superbills. Your patient will make the claim submission.
  • Get paid immediately: When you offer superbills, you get paid by the patient upfront. The patient will contact their insurance company for reimbursement.

How Bristol Healthcare can help you with Superbills?

Our team of billers at Bristol Healthcare Services will ensure that all the information about provider, patient and visit are obtained and the superbill populated. All of the above information, when included in the superbill, makes it clear and organized, translating into clean claims that will be processed successfully.

Bristol Healthcare Services is a medical billing and coding company serving medical professionals for over two decades. By virtue of its commitment to its clients, our company has become one of the best in the industry.

Let our team of expert billers take care of your superbill designing and other billing services. Rest assured that you can focus peacefully on your clients. Your practice will expand and so will your revenues.

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