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Integration of EHR and Medical Billing Enhances Operational Efficiency and Financial returns

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Physician explaining the EHR system

What is EHR and medical billing integration

Medical practices struggling with time and energy-consuming paperwork can achieve enhanced RCM metrics by adopting Electronic Health Records (EHR) and integrating EHR and medical billing. Electronic processing of the billing-related tasks, managing claims, payment processing and tracking/reporting problems can be made simpler, accurate and faster through integrated medical billing. EHR is becoming the norm across the healthcare industry, and EHR and medical billing integration is the way forward.

An integrated medical billing system must be able to lead to total automation in a practice. EHR integration requires the medical billing system to have the ability to build charts towards medical claims that include details of patient visits, diagnosis details, lab details, etc. This is to say, all operational dimensions of the practice must be successfully merged into the integrated medical billing solution. 

Benefits of integrated medical billing

The significant benefits of having an integrated medical billing system are as follows.

  • Increased efficiency

At the outset, paperwork is eliminated. And with it come many associated benefits. Entering data once into the EHR and then again into the billing system is eliminated. Data entry is made only once in an integrated environment, thus saving time and energy. The potential for rework/errors is drastically reduced. Accessing patient records and updating them is faster and easier. Thus overall efficiency and productivity of the practice are increased.

  • Higher collections, faster reimbursement

Elimination of double data entry means reduced errors in demographics entry. Hence the percentage of first-pass claims is likely to go up, resulting in increased collections. Integration of EHR and medical billing also results in clean claims submission and faster turnaround time, leading to improved revenue.

  • Centralized management

An integrated EHR and medical billing will fulfill all the management needs of the practice. There is no need to swipe between different software programs for various features. The speed of workflow is improved, releasing time for excellence in patient care. There is hassle-free end-to-end management of the healthcare revenue cycle.

  • Improved interoperability

There is improved communication between the internal systems of a practice. And a smooth channel for the flow of information between the practice management system and EHR is created. Hence a consistency is established across the practice and a unified view of the patient is obtained. In this era of increased telehealth, advanced telehealth solutions can also be integrated into this system.

  • Increased transparency

All processes of the revenue cycle are now seamless and transparent. Tracking the total number of patients, submitted claims, paid claims, non-paid claims, non-submitted claims, and other receivables is accessible and available in a single place. There is a reduced margin for error, thus bringing down the level of denied claims. Transparency in workflow helps to identify areas that require immediate attention quickly.

The new face of healthcare is integrated EHR and medical billing. While moving along this path, technology enhancements will improve the practice’s profitability while adhering to compliance regulations.

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