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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is therapeutic equipment such as nebulizers, ventilators prescribed by physicians to patients having certain medical conditions. However, equipment used for convenience or beyond reasonable medical requirements is not covered under DME billing.

DME billing can be challenging due to constant changes in regulations and documentation requirements. Thorough knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payors’ guidelines is necessary for claims to be passed. 

The billing team handling the DME revenue cycle must first check that invoices and other supporting documents are available and the data capture must be accurate. Documents are reviewed for completion, accuracy, compliance, qualifications and medical justification. It must further be ensured that the patient is suitably covered by insurance. These two initial steps are crucial and ensure that the rest of the billing process is smooth.

The coders who are certified and trained will code the documents next. Coding, when done accurately, eliminates denials. Now the claim is filed electronically with supporting documents to the payor.

Once filed, claims need to be followed up with payors till reimbursement is made. Constant follow-up leads to quicker payments.

An effective revenue cycle will have a strong denial management strategy. DME billing faces a relatively higher percentage of denials; hence, denial management is a focus area.

Is DME billing a source of stress due to its complexity? Is your billing team not able to cope with the processes? Relax. We are here for you.

Bristol Healthcare Services, with its long experience, has served thousands of medical professionals. We are a medical billing and coding company with a team of certified billers and coders who regularly undergo continuing education. Our team will ensure that there is complete documentation and accurate data entry. Coding will be accurately carried out and claims filed without delay. Payment posting and reconciliation are done on time. There is a robust denial management strategy that makes sure that denials are kept to the minimum.

It is our mission to ensure that medical professionals are paid for their services.

Partner with us to keep your cash flow uninterrupted!

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