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Organized Patient Appointment Scheduling Leads to Better Revenue Cycle Performance

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Billers busy with patient appointment scheduling

Importance of organized patient appointment scheduling

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management begins with patient appointment scheduling. A delicate balance needs to be worked out between seeing as many patients as possible and patient satisfaction while scheduling appointments. Long patient wait times and ineffective handling of patient appointments are bound to impact healthcare delivery negatively. On the other hand, understanding the needs of patients and asking the right questions go a long way in establishing patient trust and loyalty.

Technology is a wonderful aid

With so much digitization going on, it is prudent to use the latest software to help in scheduling the patient’s appointment. The process can be monitored so that no slot of the physician is wasted. Technology also aids the provider track patient’s visits from the point of check-in until they leave the practice.

Automated phone calls and texting help remind patients of their appointments while eliminating the time and energy wasted in calling and texting. While reminding patients, an option can be given to patients to cancel or reschedule appointments up to a certain time. If the practice has a cancellation policy, this may be incorporated in reminders. Clear communication leads to patient satisfaction.

Would you prefer to outsource patient appointment scheduling to save time? Bristol Healthcare Services offers front-end services, which include patient appointment scheduling.

How Bristol Healthcare will assist you

Our team will ensure the following while handling patient appointment scheduling.

1) Patient no-shows are drastically reduced

2) Patients are satisfied that they are getting personal attention 

3) Providers can increase their revenues when their time slots/calendar is used optimally.

4) Providers can track patients’ visit  

5) Reminders and follow-ups are attended to

Bristol Healthcare Services, a medical billing company, offers complete revenue cycle management solutions for your practice. We have been in the industry for more than two decades, serving thousands of physicians who are happy with our services. Whether it be patient appointment scheduling or any other service, we are glad to assist you.

Talk to an expert today to forge a mutually rewarding partnership!

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