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Patient Statements: Best Practices for Smarter Communication

Staff checking correctness of patient statements

The need for user-friendly patient statements

The cost of healthcare is increasing and together with that, the portion being borne by patients is also increasing. Patient payment is now becoming a higher source of revenue for providers. Out-of-pocket collections are not exactly an easy matter. It is more costly and time-consuming with more hands-on attention and follow-up. Also, patients do not pay up as fast as payors.

In this scenario where self-payment is so much higher than before, it becomes critical for providers to prepare a simple, straightforward, user-friendly means of financial communication. Listed below are some best practices for patient statements that can be implemented for smarter communication with patients, resulting in improved financial outcomes, lesser collection costs, and optimal use of resources. (more…)


Certified Medical Coders are an Asset to your Practice!

Coders undergoing training

The need for certified medical coders

Change is constant in medical coding due to medical and technological breakthroughs, evolving health insurance legislation and changes in codes on account of other factors. Hence a healthcare facility is always in need of experienced medical coders with the required certification. Thus, when an employer hires a coder with a professional certification, they can be confident the candidate has the required knowledge and skills proficiency.

Medical coding is not a straightforward process and nearly 8.5 percent of total claims in a multispecialty facility are denied the first time. Re-working claims are expensive. Hence coders are required to be knowledgeable in their specialties as well as keep up with the constant changes in the codes and payor guidelines. (more…)


Press Release-Bristol Healthcare Services Expands their Podiatry Medical Billing Division

Press Release on “Bristol Healthcare Services Expands Their Podiatry Medical Billing Division” was published  in on 13 April 2021.

Bristol Healthcare Services Expands Their Podiatry Medical Billing Division (more…)


9 Dynamic Approaches for Effective Patient Follow-up!

Doctor interacting with a patient as part of patient follow-up

Patient follow-up is essential

In today’s fast-paced and consumer-driven world, it has become imperative for medical professionals to be proactive and have a timely follow-up with patients at all stages. This step is crucial in building up better relations between patients and providers. Whether it be hospitals or small practices, patient follow-up is one more step in building patient loyalty and is likely to bring in more referrals. It also takes care of compliance issues.

As claims reimbursement is more closely linked to quality and outcomes, following-up with patients at different stages is necessary and must not be overlooked. (more…)


6 Ways to Overcome Cardiology Billing Challenges!

Cardiology is a specialty that sees rapid development in technology and cardiovascular procedures. There should be no knowledge deficit regarding ICD-/CPT codes for claims to be reimbursed, as it is accurate coding that gets physicians paid. There are other challenges in billing for cardiology specialty, such as documentation not up to standard, human errors and not using combination codes correctly.

To have a successful cardiology revenue cycle and to overcome billing challenges, the following six ways will help. (more…)


Chiropractic Billing: 5 Ways to Augment your Revenue

Care and attention needed for chiropractic billing

Billing in Chiropractic specialty needs a lot of careful attention and can be time-consuming. These services are specialized and reimbursement of claims carries several restrictions. Medicare has many restrictions and commercial payors may have a lesser number. Documentation of medical necessity is critical to get claims paid. Most importantly, payors will reimburse only treatment of the spine by manual manipulation to correct a subluxation of one of the vertebral joints.

Even with restrictions laid out by payors, there are ways to augment your practice’s revenue. (more…)