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Essential Steps for Smooth Medicare Provider Credentialing

Physicians happy after getting medicare credentialing

What is Medicare provider credentialing?

Medicare provider credentialing is the process of approving a physician, supplier, or other medical professionals as part of the Medicare supply chain. A credentialed Medicare provider renders medical services to Medicare beneficiaries. 

To get credentialed with Medicare, a provider must fulfill specific criteria to go through the enrolment process. Essential steps in Medicare credentialing are: (more…)


How to Navigate Durable Medical Equipment Billing with Ease

Durable Medical Equipment in use

What is Durable Medical Equipment billing?

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is therapeutic equipment such as nebulizers, ventilators prescribed by physicians to patients having certain medical conditions. However, equipment used for convenience or beyond reasonable medical requirements is not covered under DME billing.

Durable Medical Equipment billing can be challenging due to constant changes in regulations and documentation requirements. Thorough knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payors’ guidelines is necessary for claims to be passed.  (more…)


Organized Patient Appointment Scheduling Leads to Better Revenue Cycle Performance

Billers busy with patient appointment scheduling

Importance of organized patient appointment scheduling

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management begins with patient appointment scheduling. A delicate balance needs to be worked out between seeing as many patients as possible and patient satisfaction while scheduling appointments. Long patient wait times and ineffective handling of patient appointments are bound to impact healthcare delivery negatively. On the other hand, understanding the needs of patients and asking the right questions go a long way in establishing patient trust and loyalty. (more…)