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A dermatologist generally has a busy practice, and it should translate into increased revenue. But the kind of insurance plans of patients and Medicare's policies do not promote higher revenue. Besides, dermatology has intricated and complex coding and billing. Global procedure periods, bundled procedures and modifiers are areas where errors can happen, resulting in denials.

Dermatology requires detailed reporting on skin lesions, including number, size, and precise location. The documentation must contain detailed information on procedures, including excision, biopsy, and lesion destruction. Many CPT codes used in dermatology are subject to several procedure rules. Hence a complete understanding of modifiers and post-op periods is critical.

The use of modifiers with E/M and dermatology procedure codes must be done carefully. To correctly apply modifiers in dermatology requires a deep understanding of all the components and documentation requirements in codes with global periods. Our certified and trained coders will ensure correct coding and submission of clean claims for maximum reimbursement.

CMS has made new coding and documentation changes as a major overhaul to E/M guidelines in over 20 years. CMS has recognized that there have been changes in healthcare delivery and has now put patients over paperwork through flexible but clinically relevant documentation standards. The Medical coding team at Bristol Healthcare Services has been trained to be on top of all the new coding changes. Our experienced team will ensure quick reimbursement through accurate billing and coding.

In addition to the ever-changing private and federal insurance reimbursement environment, dermatology has evolved in its practice workflow. Practices have expanded beyond just medical and surgical services to offer a wide range of cosmetic, cash-based services. These changes mean that practices must embrace more technology, modify back-office processes and hence their revenue cycle management. Bristol Healthcare Services can assist you in the new environment to take your practice to the next level.

The team at Bristol Healthcare Services is more like your extended back-office. We know that the financial health of your practice depends on the performance of your billing and coding team. Our work is transparent, and you can check on your claims' status by viewing all the processes that are being done on your behalf. With high security at all levels, you can rest assured that your work is in safe hands.

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