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We provide pre-editing services for clients who copyedit their content in-house. We format raw manuscripts by removing obvious formatting errors and other inconsistencies. We use sets of customized rules to format references, cross-reference citations, equations, tables, and figures; mark items not cited in the text; and then raise queries to copyeditors on concerns that need further analysis. This saves time for the publishers' copyeditors, enabling them to focus on style or other more specific, value-added edits.


We offer copyediting services for a variety of academic monographs, college textbooks, professional titles, major reference works, and journals. The editorial requirements of our current clients range from electronic tagging and copy preparation to full language editing in the case of authors whose first language is not English. To cater to these requirements, we provide pre-editing services and standard levels of copyediting.

For a standard level of edit, our copy editors follow standard editorial guidelines specified by the publisher to ensure that

  • Spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar are correct, consistent, and appropriate for the intended readership;
  • A consistent editorial style and tone is maintained throughout the text;
  • Text is revised, where necessary, to clarify the author's intended meaning, in harmony with the author's own writing style;
  • Discrepancies, errors, ambiguities, irrelevancies, etc., in content and structure are rectified;
  • Editorial queries with the author or publisher, where necessary, are raised and resolved; and
  • Content requiring legal opinion (libel, plagiarism, blasphemy, etc.) or copyright clearance is identified and brought to the attention of the author or publisher.


As a final step, our professional proofreaders review information products, from online publications to printed materials, before they are distributed to customers. Using the same guidelines that we use for copyediting manuscripts, we carefully proof next-to-final copy, ensuring that the content is accurate.