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Our project management services include pre-delivery typescript assessment, copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, artwork creation, indexing, communication with authors, managing permissions, working with the client's freelance copy editors/indexers, creating jackets, and providing regular status updates on the project to the client. Our project managers guide the entire project from receipt of manuscript to final printer files.


  • Our key approach to project management is to ensure that we have project managers with either several years of experience in copyediting or a strong publishing background.
  • We insist on our project managers having an editorial bent of mind because it helps them in being highly sensitive to the needs of the authors, the publisher, and the internal teams.
  • We understand that a project will run smoothly as long as the author is happy. Our project managers do a background check of their authors as soon as they take up a project to understand whether they are first-time authors or experienced ones. This determines the way we communicate with them and guide them through the various stages in production. It helps us understand each author's specific requirements and make their publishing experience an enjoyable one. We pick up the phone when authors need more clarification or assurance that their book is in good hands.
  • All our project managers act as our final point for quality checks. They check all proofs at all stages to ensure they meet all the quality parameters set by the publisher.
  • We ensure that collation is handled either by the project managers themselves or by editorial assistants as they would be able to interpret all instructions/changes correctly, edit corrections as per style specified for the project, and query for unclear corrections.