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Jay Ganesh – President / Chief Executive Officer

Jay has 25 years of experience in various roles, including Operations, Strategy, Business Development, Finance and Human Resources Management. His strategic leadership has propelled the company to be an industry leader. Since its inception, he has led many companies with his vision enabling it to emerge as one of the leaders in Revenue Cycle Management. His expertise lies in structuring and running outsourcing relationships with excellent quality at an optimal cost. He loves to help his clients scale up and build project management teams to excel in managing steep growth ramps. His experience as a compliance advisor to many BPO companies has enabled him to have a detailed plan to cover HIPAA and HITECH act requirements.

He has successfully transitioned and managed large projects in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Revenue Cycle Management, Litigation Support and E-publishing Services. His drive to provide high-quality services to the clients comes from a decade of experience in implementing ISO and Total Quality Management processes. He is a certified six sigma professional with a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Corporate Secretaryship.

Joe Mathews – Vice President (HR & IT)

Joe leads Human Resources Development and Information Technology departments at Bristol. He has over 25 years of experience in heading varied departments in large corporations. At Bristol Healthcare, he is responsible for IT infrastructure, Recruitment and Retention. Joe helps in talent development and drives our resources to the forefront.

Joe has been instrumental in managing the latest communication tools, helping our clients to have access and the best support at all times. Joe is responsible for Bristol’s systems and support administration, helping us integrate seamlessly with all clients’ software. Joe’s comprehensive technology-driven solutions have helped our operational teams to excel in productivity. Joe has Masters’ degrees in Commerce and Computer science.

Uma Ganesh – Vice President (Medical Coding)

Uma is a certified coder (CPC) from the American Academy of Professional Coders and holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors in commerce. Uma is a fast learner and creative problem solver with a decade of experience being a business partner in a Medical Billing company. She brings her education and knowledge of medical coding to our operations, making it more effective.

Uma is adept at managing our coding teams for top-notch performance and ensures quick optimal reimbursement for our clients. She creates a high-performing working environment and helps to increase our productivity consistently. She educates our clients and staff on documentation and coding issues. She believes in continuous education and stays well informed on all industry changes.