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Simplify Your Reimbursement Process with Our Comprehensive Claim Submission and Rejections Management Solutions.

At Bristol Healthcare, we help facilitate the efficient processing of your patient’s insurance claims, which can be a challenging and time-consuming task for practitioners. We ensure all claims are submitted accurately and promptly within 12 - 24 hours of receipt of your files. By submitting claims electronically, we speed up the overall claim processing time and help confirm that your claims have reached the payer on time as many payers have stringent claim filing time limits.

Electronic claims submission has helped our clients reduce administrative, staffing, and other out-of-pocket expenses by up to 40%, reducing rejections and denials drastically and improving cash flow substantially - with a claim first pass rate of 96%. We can submit the claims directly to many payers and also use many different clearinghouses.

Before the claims are submitted electronically we thoroughly scrub them for payer and specialty-specific coding rules compliance. As soon as the claims are filed, a confirmation or rejection report is generated. Confirmation reports provide with us a list of claims that have gone through to the payers and rejection reports provide us with a list of incomplete claims - these reports allow us to improve operational efficiency and help eliminate these trends in the future. We then work on rejected claims right away and resubmit them with the required tweaks.


Why Clients Partner With Bristol Healthcare

Electronic claim submission can be complex, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Accuracy: We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our claim submissions. Our team of specialists meticulously analyzes each claim to ensure the inclusion of all required information and that it checks the necessary criteria for clean claim submission. This reduces the risk of rejections or denials, which can prove to be time-consuming and expensive.
  • Quick Turn Around Time: Electronic claim submission is all about speed, and we're committed to ensuring that your patients' claims are processed within 12-24 hours. Our streamlined processes integrated with state-of-the-art technology mean that claims are submitted and processed without delay, resulting in faster reimbursements.
  • Convenience: Our claim submission processes are designed around our ethos of ‘ease and convenience’ for clients. Our range of submission options, including web-based portals and automated systems integrate with ease into your existing practice management software. Resulting in quick claim submission without having to worry about manual data entry and other time-consuming tasks.
  • Real-Time Claim Status Checking: We have tied up with over 900+ insurance carriers to enable quick and instant claim status checking. With the new ‘batch mode’ users can now check the status of multiple claims in one go. Also, our claim status trend assists you with root cause analysis for the prevention of future denials. Learn more about Bristol Bot™.
  • Data Security & Compliance: The safety and security of your practice and patient data (PHI) are of the highest importance to us which is why we use industry-leading encryption and other security measures to protect their information. Our data centers are SSAE-16 SOC-1, SOC-2 certified as well as HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-Level 1 DSS, and NIST 800-53 compliant.
  • Certified Expertise: Our team of experts possess years of experience across various healthcare verticals and stay updated on the latest regulations and best practices for electronic claim submission. This ensures that our clients can rely on us for expert advice and guidance on any aspect of the claims process.
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If you're looking for a reliable electronic claim submission service provider, look no further than Bristol Healthcare. We offer accuracy, speed, convenience, security, and expertise, all designed to make the claims process as smooth and hassle-free as possible for your clients. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you streamline your claims process and improve your bottom line.


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