Electronic Claims Submission

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Bristol Healthcare submits all your claims electronically within 24 hours of receipt of your files. By submitting claims electronically, we speed up the overall claim processing times. It also confirms that your claims have reached the payer on time. Electronic claims reduce your claims submission expenses by up to 50%. Electronic claims reduce rejections and denials drastically. We can submit the claims directly to many payers and also use many different clearinghouses.

Electronic claim submission allows you to reduce your administrative expenses and improves cash flow substantially. Many payers have stringent claim filing time limits. Electronic claim filing helps us to stay on time. As soon as claims are filed electronically, a confirmation and rejection report is generated. These reports allow us to improve operational efficiency. Confirmation reports provide us the list of claims that have gone through to the payers. Rejection reports provide us with a list of incomplete claims. Electronic claims submitted are commonly scrubbed for payer, specialty and coding rules. We work on rejected claims immediately and resubmit them with required corrections.

Our electronic claim submission process helps you to

  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Reduce your administrative expenses
  • Increase clean claims submission
  • Speed up claim submission timeframe
  • Reduce rejections and denials

Claims tracking tools including real-time claim tracking dashboard ensure rigorous claims follow-up!