Medical Coding Services

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Coding Services

Guaranteed to Generate More Money - Much Faster

  • CPT-4, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM coding
  • Chart audits and code reviews
  • HCC / risk adjustment coding
  • Hospital coding
  • Chart / coding audits
  • Payer-specific Coding

Value Added Services Include:

  • Super bill creation
  • Coding Review
  • Live coding validation audits
  • Medicare RAC audits and appeals
Our Process

Streamlined Medical Coding

We coordinate, communicate and stay hands-on with our clients throughout all stages of the process on a daily basis. We continuously look out for payor coding updates, EMR updates, rejections and denial trends to ensure you get the optimal reimbursement for services rendered. Our medical coding process includes:

  • Patient Registration
  • Medical Documentation
  • Code and Modifier Selection
  • Code Application
  • Compliance Review
  • Claim Generation
  • Claim Submission
  • Claim Adjudication
  • Reimbursements and Payments
  • Denials Management and Appeals
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Why Leading Healthcare Organizations Partner With BHS.

  • ICD-10 Compliance

    We examine risk adjustment trends to address potential under- or over-reporting. Analyze GEMs (General Equivalence Mappings) for appropriateness and accuracy. Utilize benchmarking and advanced reporting to anticipate and mitigate issues.

  • Reduce AR Backlogs

    Our detailed tracking and reporting process through collaboration with leadership from other areas of the revenue cycle and contract payers enables us to proactively identify opportunities and accurately track our success.

  • Minimize DNFB Rates

    We leverage operational, financial, clinical, claims, and other aggregated analytics data to improve documentation accuracy, reduce the number of billhold accounts, reduce outstanding AR days, and effectively manage DNFB cases.

  • Improve Clinical Documentation

    Our field-tested CDI module ensures thorough capturing of all events relating to patient encounters in the EHR software. This helps with accurate diagnosis and greatly improves patient outcome levels and reduces documentation errors.

  • Certified Resources

    All our billers are certified by industry-leading associations such as AAPC (The American Academy of Professional Coders) and AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association).

  • Multi-Specialty Expertize

    With over two decades of experience and proven expertise, our certified professionals possess the know-how to scale profitability for over 40+ specialties.

  • Flexible Pricing Models

    To accommodate practices and organizations of all sizes, we provide tailor-made services that are well within your budget. We offer flexible pricing options such as:

    • Full-time equivalents
    • Transaction-based pricing
    • Volume discounts
    • % on monthly collections
    • Per claim rate
    • And more...

    There are no onboarding charges or hidden fees.

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    Empowering Practices

    We set you up for success right from the start

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    Peace of Mind

    A hassle-free and seamless integration process

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Expertise You Can Trust

At Bristol Healthcare Services we take great pride in providing innovative medical coding services to healthcare entities across the nation. Our team of certified coders and analysts, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are experienced in maximizing profitability for over 40+ specialties. Building upon our collective experience, combined with the latest insights and technology - we help streamline your medical coding process for more accuracy and effectiveness.

Medical coding does not end with assigning appropriate codes to the medical services rendered. You need an experienced and certified professional coder who knows their way around your particular specialty, EHR and state-specific guidelines to maximize revenue.

Guaranteed Coding Accuracy

Our medical coding specialists are trained and credentialed by various educational institutions including AAPC and AHIMA. They possess extensive working experience and specialty-specific expertise in over 40+ specialties. By employing industry best practices and specialty-specific guidelines we maintain the highest level of accuracy throughout the coding process, avoiding denials. All our coders are continuously educated and trained on the latest industry changes and regulatory updates.

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Multi-Software Expertise

Our team of experts are well versed and experienced with most of the popular software used by clients today.


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