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Our Indexing Process

Streamlined operations for maximized productivity and quicker turn-around time.

  • Scanning: Medical Records are scanned by the batch for indexing.
  • Secure Access: Our team then accesses the scanned documents using an end-to-end encrypted, highly-secure VPN network.
  • Accurate Indexing: All patient records and related documents are then reviewed and cataloged. After a thorough inspection, each document is accurately indexed into its relevant electronic records.
  • Quality Audit: The indexed records are then reviewed thoroughly by our quality-audit team for guaranteed accuracy and consistency.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Get real-time updates...
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At Bristol Healthcare Services, we take great pride in providing award-winning medical billing, medical coding and revenue cycle management services to healthcare providers across the country for over 25 years.

Healthcare providers are continuously looking for newer ways to gain greater insight into their patients and improve their care. To achieve this, providers must reference various patient data in order to provide personalized, effective treatment. Our team is well-experienced in delivering high-quality medical records indexing services that comprehensively manage your patients’ demographic data, treatment-related information, clinical history, medical reports, etc., in a systematic and organized manner for on-demand retrieval. So you can stay focused on offering the best care to your patients while we take on the responsibility of cataloging their records.

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A Quick Introduction

Medical Records Indexing

Medical records indexing is the elaborate process of streamlining and organizing a patient’s demographic, diagnostic, and treatment-related information in an electronic format for future recall. This categorical and extensive archival of a patient’s medical history, in an easy-to-access format, enables healthcare professionals to enhance, improve and personalize their patient care further. Maintaining comprehensive and accurate medical records is mandatory for healthcare providers and is generally enforced as a licensing or certification prerequisite in the United States.

Although there are various types of medical records, the three most commonly used by doctors and patients are:

  • Personal Health Records : In general, any medical record you possess is considered a Personal Health Record (PHR). This comprises records in either paper form or on devices and websites. It contains information that is created and stored by your healthcare provider.
  • Electronic Medical Records: EMRs or Electronic Medical records are electronic files stored securely using an online application for easy access and management. These files are generally used by Labs and Hospitals and not shared with providers outside the system.
  • Electronic Health Records: EHRs or Electronic Health Records are designed to be shared and managed between various healthcare providers. This format enables easy transfer of information between your physician, hospital, lab, drug store, etc.

Benefits of Medical Records Indexing

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  • Improved Patient-Care: Collecting and organizing a patient’s medical history electronically enables healthcare providers to draw upon necessary information, on-demand, to enhance their prognosis and treatment.
  • Ease of Search: Paper documents take up shelf space over time and complicate the information retrieval and referencing process. When done accurately, electronic medical records indexing enables healthcare providers to find specific keywords or documents instantly.
  • Hassle-Free Storage: As it is mandatory to archive a patient’s data for a minimum of 7 years, electronic documentation helps save on valuable retail space.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Medical records indexing provides a faster and safer way for various healthcare providers to share and manage patient information for enhanced patient-focused healthcare.
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