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Accurate charge entry and audit promotes revenue and compliance


The healthcare revenue cycle is complex and challenging, with scope for errors at many stages. With several stakeholders involved, frequent denials, incorrect charge entry leading to compliance issues and inadequate security are issues that negatively impact a practice. Precise coding and accurate charge entry are non-negotiable processes that lead to increased revenues and a good reputation.

When billing professionals lack the requisite expertise or are overburdened, charge entry errors are bound to arise. Overcharges or undercharges result in filing incorrect claims. The absence of regular audit leads to compliance issues with regulatory authorities. Once that happens, there is a loss of reputation. Therefore, a practice has to manage its charge capture processes efficiently and regular charge audit provides timely and actionable insights enabling resolution of root causes.  (more…)


Technology aids patient collections and financial resilience

The healthcare industry is witnessing the trend of increasing patient payments for medical services. The insured’s adoption of high deductible health plans leads to lesser payments by payors and more out-of-pocket expenses by patients. Unexpected medical emergencies mean financial stress on the patient’s families and the physician, too, whereby the practice has to find ways to collect dues from the patient.

It is now essential for practices to frame clear-cut policies for collecting patient payments and adopt patient-friendly ways to communicate and receive payments. Investing in technology will go a long way in shoring up your revenues and aiding in financial resilience for the practice. (more…)


Press Release – Bristol Healthcare Expands its Prior Authorization / Gap Authorization Services Wing

Press Release on “ Bristol Healthcare Expands its Prior Authorization / Gap Authorization Services Wing” was published in on 18 November 2021.

Los Angeles, California Nov 18, 2021 (  – Bristol Healthcare Services, a medical billing and coding company located in Los Angeles, California, is pleased to announce the expansion of their prior authorization/gap authorization services wing.

Bristol Healthcare has been signing up more clients in the recent past who want prior authorization and gap authorization services. “With more clients requesting this particular service, we have decided to expand this wing to better serve our esteemed clients,” says Jay Ganesh, CEO of Bristol Healthcare Services. (more…)