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If you are a provider, regardless of the specialty, you are most likely to work with an Encounter Form - also known as Superbill, Charge Sheet, or Fee Tickets. The encounter form is a vital aspect of the medical billing process and is used by healthcare providers to document the various treatments, diagnosis, procedures, and other services rendered to each patient into their practice management software for invoicing and/or transferring to their respective insurance providers. This process also involves coding for procedures and diagnoses (as applicable) with the appropriate specialty-specific modifiers.

Our experienced AAPC and AHIMA certified coders and billers help you simplify the charge entry process, be it creating a new encounter form or just updating your current form with the latest diagnostic and CPT codes. At Bristol Healthcare we understand the significance of each and every aspect of the medical billing process and its relationship to a smoothly functioning revenue cycle. Hence we start it right with error-free encounter form documentation as incorrect or invalid codes lead to rejections and denials, affecting cash flow.

We take the time to carefully draft accurate, specialty-specific, encounter forms that are easy to read with all the commonly used codes by our clients. It also covers vital patient information like Name, Date of Birth, Date of Service, Insurance Name, Patient Payments, Location, Co-pay amount, Remainder balance, etc.


Why Choose BHS

We provide comprehensive encounter form / superbill services which include a host of benefits that better suit your unique requirements.

  • AAPC and AHMIA certified coders experienced in 40+ specialties.
  • 99% Error-free coding for consistent cash flow.
  • Fully customizable, specialty-specific templates.
  • Designated branding space to create personalized forms.
  • Editable tables with customizable font and color options.
  • Weekly / Monthly reports and reminders.
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