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Eligibility Verification service makes sure that your patients' insurance coverage covers the treatment/procedures you are rendering. Only after ascertaining a patient's insurance eligibility can claims be filed. Hence, the smooth flow of the Revenue Cycle Management of a healthcare system is directly proportional to the efficiency of the Eligibility Verification service you have employed. Most claims are denied because they are billed to the wrong insurance carrier or someone not standing tall on the eligibility status. Thus a quick and detailed check of patients' insurance eligibility goes high just before admission to the hospital. We understand this well and offer a robust eligibility verification service to make your claims immune against insurance denials.

Our approach:

We aim to boost your Revenue Cycle Management through providing an Eligibility Verification service that will guarantee towards achieving 100% acceptance of claims and for that, we do the following;

  • Get in touch with patients to collect information upon receiving their hospital schedules through email, FTP or fax
  • Verify their status as both primary & secondary payers
  • Update their demographic and other details
  • Update the billing system with verification and eligibility details like coverage start and end dates, group ID, member ID, co-pay information, etc.


Having us at your side will

  • Make your claims immune to insurance denials
  • Streamline your service
  • Speed up the billing cycle
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Ensure you to full payment collection
  • Avail you Expedite approval and authorization

Why us?

We will

  • Improve collections and minimize delays
  • Offer you skilled professionals coupled with advanced technology
  • Handle your critical medical bills
  • Take your customer's call
  • Check the details like Co-pays, Payable Benefits, deductibles, co-insurance, Patient policy status, etc.
  • Update Plan exclusions, Plan type and coverage details, Effective date, Pre-authorization, and referrals, Claims mailing address, etc.

Apart from that, we can keep a tab on the current health insurance policies to ensure that your patients can avail maximum benefits. Our expert billing professionals are constantly educated to update their knowledge to enable quick-processing services. We provide healthy Revenue Cycle Management for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

  • We will reduce your denials percentage
  • We have a 95% average collection ratio