Insurance Eligibility Verification and
Pre-Authorization Services

Insulate Yourself from Expensive Write-Offs and Denials

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Real-Time Eligibility Verification Solutions

Maximize Productivity and Process Efficiency

When exploring ways to maximize your revenue cycle efficiency and profitability, healthcare providers need not look further than the first yet vital step of the revenue cycle process - insurance eligibility verification and prior authorization. When done right, it helps providers scale revenue, and reduce denials and outstanding accounts receivables.

According to recent reports, healthcare providers spend on average 30% of their annual income verifying patient insurance eligibility as the current insurance verification landscape is becoming much more complex due to patients frequently switching insurance networks and rising financial responsibility.

Utilizing our proprietary software BristolBot™, developed in close consultation with popular insurance networks, we are able to provide a one-stop, cost-effective solution for simplifying and speeding up the eligibility verification and claim status-checking process for healthcare providers.

Most claims are denied because they are billed to the wrong insurance carrier or someone not standing tall on the eligibility status. Thus a quick and detailed check of patients' insurance eligibility goes high just before admission. We understand this well and offer a robust eligibility verification service to make your claims immune against insurance denials.


A Systematic Approach

Our comprehensive eligibility verification and pre-authorization solutions are purpose-driven to boost your revenue cycle performance. Guaranteeing 100% acceptance of claims submitted.

  • Get in touch with patients to collect information upon receiving their schedules through email, FTP, or fax.
  • Verify their status as both primary & secondary payers.
  • Revise demographic and other relevant information.
  • Update your billing system with verification and eligibility details such as coverage start and end dates, group ID, member ID, co-pay information, etc.
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Why Partner With Bristol Healthcare?

  • Make your claims immune to insurance denials.
  • Streamline your revenue cycle process.
  • Expedite reimbursements and minimize delays.
  • Increase productivity and process efficiency.
  • Ensure 100% payment collections.
  • Expedite approvals and authorizations.
  • Real-time verification with batch upload features.
  • Utilize certified professionals equipped with the latest technology.
  • Exclusively allocated team and project manager to handle all critical bills and customer calls.
  • Check details like co-pays, payable benefits, deductibles, co-insurance, patient policy status, etc. in real-time.
  • Update plan exclusions, plan type and coverage details, effective date, pre-authorization, and referrals, claims mailing address, etc.

Apart from that, we also help keep tabs on current health insurance policies to ensure maximized benefits for your patients. Our team of certified billing professionals are continuously educated on the latest developments to set you up for success right from the get-go.

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