Electronic Health Records Management

Enhance Quality, Efficiency and Productivity


Streamlined EMR & EHR Management

We provide specialty-specific, full-scale or stand-alone EMR and EHR billing solutions that help accelerate your performance and simplify complexities.

  • Patient Registration / Demographics Entry

    New Patients: We accurately capture patient healthcare data from physical documents (super-bills, patient intake sheets, etc…) directly into your existing electronic medical records software, minimizing errors and improving process efficiency.

    Existing Patients: We systematically scrutinize existing patient-related data for relevance, inconsistencies and accuracy - updating new insurance, address, and additional information wherever necessary.

  • Charge Entry

    We record all charge sheet data directly into your electronic health records software and apply apt diagnostic and procedural codes with specialty-appropriate modifiers wherever required. Utilizing a structured data entry process and inbuilt error review system we maintain the highest level of accuracy and eliminate denials.

  • Electronic Claims Submission

    Our services come integrated with a wide range of features such as automated claim processing, real-time eligibility verification and claim tracking, and reporting tools that provide insights into claim status and payment trends designed to help you manage your claims more effectively. Our e- claim submission services are 100% HIPAA-compliant and feature advanced security protocols to safeguard your sensitive data.

  • Payment Posting

    Electronic Posting: Electronic Remittance Advice received from Insurance companies are automatically applied to the system and reviewed for accuracy.

    Manual Posting: Payments (EOBs) received by mail from insurance companies are manually applied to respective patient accounts matching the date of services and procedures.

  • Rejections and Denials Management

    Rejections Management: Claims submitted electronically are immediately checked for missing information. Each claim is verified against payer-specific rules and stipulations. If any claim is incomplete a rejection report is generated and we immediately resolve these rejections and resend clean claims. This process ensures claims that reach the payers are clean and get paid quickly.

    Denials Management: We identify, analyze and continuously monitor current denial trends and update our standard operating procedures to eliminate these denials from arising in the future. Our denials management module ensures quick reimbursements and sustainably increased revenues.

  • Account Receivables Management

    Our team works on claims where payment is delayed, partially paid or denied. Our experienced account receivables experts get right to the issue and follow up with the payer immediately. Whenever necessary we make appropriate corrections, send the claims for reprocessing and continuously monitor those accounts until they are absolutely resolved.

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Why Leading Healthcare Organizations Partner With BHS

  • Save up to 40% on out-of-pocket expenses.
  • 100% patient data registration accuracy.
  • Accurate and compliant coding by AAPC & AHIMA certified experts.
  • Incorporation of up-to-date codes of ICD, CPT and HCPCS into your practice.
  • Strict adherence to LMRP standards and NCCI edits.
  • Hassle-free and rapid billing system module.
  • 12 - 24 Hour turnaround time.
  • Get paid on time and collect 100% of what’s owed.
  • Streamline payment receipts.
  • Increased and sustainable productivity.
  • Proven expertise in 35+ billing and EHR software.
  • Improved brand image and reputation.
  • Absolute HIPPA & HITECH regulations adherence.
  • Flexible and affordable pricing solutions. No hidden fees or charges.
Our Promise

Break Free Towards a Value-Based Model

Data entry tasks associated with EHR systems significantly cut into available time for physicians to engage with patients. Ever-increasing industry regulations and administrative tasks like documentation, order entry, billing and coding, chart reviews, and system security have inherently changed the nature of a physician’s work.

According to a recent poll, nearly 30% of physicians currently outsource their EHR and other administrative work, and another 24% wish to do so in the near future - with good reason. Besides the obvious cost savings and revenue scaling aspect, outsourcing brings in centralized management, increased operational efficiency, improved interoperability, and enhanced compliance.

Accelerate your EHR Performance

In today’s market, healthcare entities employ a host of EHR software, each with its unique features, USPs, and technical complexities. Through years of association with numerous physicians and medical billing offices across the specialty spectrum, we’ve come to recognize the ever-changing legalities, regulations and technological trends, and have modified our workflow processes to better suit current industry demands.

At Bristol Healthcare we have always embraced the latest technologies that help increase quality, productivity and revenue while reducing turnaround time. Our certified billers and coders are continuously trained and possess proven working knowledge in over 35+ EHR and billing software enabling a rapid and hassle-free transition process.

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