Old AR Clean Up / Recovery Services

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Our old AR clean up / recovery services help you to collect on all your unpaid claims. We do appeals and follow up on unpaid balances aggressively. We can perform these services on your billing software without disturbing your regular work-flow. Get access to additional revenue, which you thought can never be collected.

  • No Set Up Fees
  • We can work on your billing software
  • We work on all specialties
  • We serve all 50 states
  • We have flexible pricing models
  • Increased cash flow
  • Get payments directly into your bank account
  • Dedicated Professional Team

"Get your money now. Let us handle the process"

We understand how insurance companies adjudicate their claims and strategize our follow up accordingly. Our experienced follow-up staffs analyze and ensure your old claims are paid quickly. Our staffs categorize the outstanding claims based on AR days and type of insurances. We start our follow up and based on the outcome of the calls we appeal, re-bill and send additional documents. We look at payer's claims filing and appeal limits and prioritize our follow-up accordingly. Overall we aggressively follow up with insurance companies and resolve unpaid claims.

  • 95% average collection ratio
  • Real time claim tracking dashboard