Charge Entry and Charge Audit Services

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Our Charge Entry Process

  • Collecting documents - Encounter forms, superbills, charge sheets, scanned documents, etc. through fax or other document management systems.
  • Gathering patient information - Gather patient demographic information, insurance details, and the information regarding services rendered.
  • Verifying insurance coverage - Verify insurance coverage to ensure the patient is eligible for the services provided.
  • Reviewing medical records - Review medical / health records to ensure that the services provided are accurately captured and billed.
  • Assigning codes - Ensure procedural and diagnosis codes, with specialty-appropriate modifiers are applied to the services rendered.
  • Entering charges - Once the codes have been assigned, charges are entered into the medical billing system. This includes the charges for the services provided, any co-payments, and deductibles.
  • Double-checking entries - Before submitting the charges to the insurance company, entries are double-checked to ensure that all information is accurate.
  • Submitting claims - The final step in the charge entry process involves submitting the claims to the insurance company for payment.
  • Reporting - Providing daily reports to the customer and resolving pending issues for improved process turn-around time.
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Our Charge Audit Process

  • Reviewing charges - The charges are reviewed to ensure they are accurate and compliant with the coding guidelines and policies of the payer.
  • Identifying coding errors - Coding errors, such as incorrect modifiers, upcoding, and undercoding, are identified to prevent denials or audits from payers.
  • Checking documentation - The documentation is checked to ensure that it supports the medical necessity of the services provided and meets the requirements of the payer.
  • Verifying reimbursement - The reimbursement is verified to ensure that it is consistent with the contracted rates and the fee schedules of the payer.
  • Reporting findings - The audit findings are documented and communicated to the billing staff or the providers, along with recommendations for improvement.
  • Implementing corrective action - The corrective action is taken to address the issues identified during the audit and to prevent similar errors in the future.
  • Monitoring results - The audit results are monitored to ensure that the corrective action is effective and that the billing processes are optimized for maximum revenue generation.

The Bristol Healthcare Promise

  • End-to-end secured HIPAA-compliant workflow management.
  • A professional team well-versed in the latest RCM systems.
  • AAPC & AHIMA certified coder and billers.
  • Proven multi-specialty expertise.
  • Quick clean claim generation within 12 to 24 hours.
  • Accurate charge entry and audit for faster reimbursements.
  • 96% claim first pass rate.
  • Eliminate denials and outstanding AR days.
  • 99% customer retention rate.
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Enlist Certified Expertise

Simplify Your Medical Billing Process with Our Comprehensive Charge Entry and Audit Services

The revenue cycle process is a mechanism with scope for errors at various phases. One such area witnessing increased inaccuracies is the charge entry process, which also happens to be a crucial aspect of the overall medical billing scenario. The charge entry process involves documenting, claims submission, and reconciliation of charges for services rendered to a patient.

The quality of the charge entry process directly affects a practice’s revenue and outstanding days in accounts receivables. Staffing shortages and increasing denied claims by payers are also proving to be an obstacle for physicians in achieving their revenue cycle targets.

At Bristol Healthcare, our AAPC and AHIMA certified coders and billers process a large volume of transactions on a daily basis into various medical billing systems, across the specialty spectrum, with high accuracy. Our experienced billers come equipped with the know-how to help you navigate through each payer's unique requirements and process entries based on their specifications.

We consistently keep track of industry changes and regulations to ensure high accuracy, strict compliance with regulations and maximized revenue generation.

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