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Standing high on outstanding account receivables is what every healthcare company tries to avoid. If it grows more, the healthy cash flow of the organization gets affected. The revenue takes a bad hit and reversing the situation gets equally difficult. So, it is vital to have Certified Medical Coders and the support of an expert to tackle Account receivable is essential. If you are a healthcare provider and your economy is going through similar situation, then you too need experienced service provider, and that's where we come into the picture.

Our approach:

We can ensureyou get paid on all your claims in a most efficient and timely manner under our Account Receivables Management service. We adhere to an efficient denial management process based on your payer mix and outstanding account receivables. Bristol Byte our in-house software tracks and monitors every step of the entire medical billing process. Our accuracy and turn around time has been higher than the industry standards always.

We process all demos/charges/payments within 12-24 hours of its receipt. We send clean claims immediately to the insurance companies. Our follow-up calls are automatically triggered by our Bristol Byte software which has been set with high standard AR metrics. We have efficiently increased a minimum of 5-8% of all our client’s revenues.


You can

  • Reduce the waiting time to get the claims paid
  • Shrink your account receivables within 60 days
  • Avail regular updates on the pending accounts through experts
  • Get best denial management service
  • Regular assistance from Certified Medical Coders
  • Streamline accounts through Rapid Automation Technology

Why us?

We give same preference to each receivable irrespective of its size and source.We can take you out of the situation caused by unpaid receivables by offering an effective and safe Account Receivable management service. A highly experienced team of Certified Medical Coders with proven expertise will be there at your service anytime. We can guaranty for 97% collection of your unpaid bills those have been laying for over three months. Our best denial management practice will let you identify potential customers those can cause loss in just a minute.

As we know the inside stories of why claims get denied by insurance companies, we can pass on the same to you. It helps our clients in getting reduced Denials, Quicker approvals, and Increased Revenue. You can also avail the same. Now get the best chance of recovering every single unpaid penny that you have.

You have waited long already; it’s time to get the money you deserve.

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  • Your AR Days outstanding down by 5 or more
  • Personalized and customized service