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Press Release – Bristol Healthcare Services Collaborates with eBridge Solutions for their Document Management

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Press Release on “Bristol Healthcare Services collaborates with eBridge Solutions for their document management” was published in on 22 June 2021.

 “Bristol Healthcare Services, a medical billing and coding company located in Los Angeles, California, is pleased to announce its collaboration with eBridge Solutions for its document management needs.” 

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) June 22, 2021

Bristol Healthcare Services has been serving healthcare professionals for over two decades with total commitment and high-quality services. A critical aspect of the company’s seamless processes and workflow is its excellent document management. Reducing paper and contributing to the environment is important to the company.

“When we undertook a company restructuring our priorities were to increase efficiencies, freeing up storage space, increasing productivity and planning for disaster management. We decided to collaborate with eBridge Solutions for document management to achieve these goals. Our company’s workflow management application BristolByte along with eBridge Solutions will handle the complex medical billing and coding workflow efficiently,” says Jay Ganesh, CEO of Bristol Healthcare Services. “.”

Bristol Healthcare says that eBridge Solutions provides an excellent online platform to take care of document storage, efficiently handles documents and most importantly, reduces security risks. eBridge Solutions’ document management system helps track users who have viewed, annotated, or deleted a document. User and document tracking help in maintaining compliance.

Another feature that increases operational efficiency is that multiple users can view the same document simultaneously. This facility enables faster processing of files, even though team members may be in different office locations. Finding and retrieving a document is fast and the queries of clients are answered quickly.

BristolByte as a workflow management and productivity tracking tool can do
(i) ticketing/query management
(ii) document management
(iii) maintain employee database
(iv) detailed workflow statistics
(v) reporting.

Apart from this, a unique feature of BristolByte is that the software contains a Master Database. Under the project section, information of multiple clients can be categorized.

Bristol Healthcare Services is a company that values transparency. eBridge Solutions enables clients to view their files/claims and know the status of the work being done for them. With access being authorized, clients can view/import/retrieve their files anywhere on any device. Clients have complete knowledge of the entire revenue cycle at any time where their cases are concerned. With BristolByte ensuring seamless workflow processes, clients are assured of superior services.

eBridge Solutions and BristolByte have undoubtedly been assets in streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency at Bristol Healthcare. The pandemic has shown the world that it is critical to be able to share and access documents from wherever employees are located. As Bristol Healthcare had already been partnering with eBridge Solutions, asking employees to work from home, with records being accessed from a cloud, did not cause much disruption to the flow of work.

“Security of data is something we take seriously at Bristol Healthcare Services,” says Jay Ganesh, CEO. “We find that our partner eBridge Solutions views the security of data in the same manner. They are SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA accredited. Both Bristol Healthcare Services and eBridge Solutions have taken multiple measures to ensure the safety of patient health information”.

With its efficiency and penchant for delivering superior services, Bristol Healthcare Services is ever committed to serving the healthcare community all over the country.

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Bristol Healthcare Services is one of the leading medical billing and coding companies. The company has been serving medical professionals for over twenty years, helping them increase their revenue and keep their cash flow consistent. The entire gamut of revenue cycle services is offered at cost-effective rates; practices can save up to 50% of costs. The company believes that physicians should be reimbursed fully for the services they provide.

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