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Press Release – Bristol Healthcare Launches its Enhanced Workflow Management Application, BristolByte to Transform Billing Processes

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Press Release on “ Bristol Healthcare Launches its Enhanced Workflow Management Application, BristolByte to Transform Billing Processes” was published in on 14 October 2021.
Bristol Healthcare Services (Los Angeles) is pleased to announce the launch of its enhanced workflow management application, BristolByte.

Los Angeles, California Oct 14, 2021 (  – Bristol Healthcare Services, a medical billing and coding company located in Los Angeles, California, is pleased to announce the launch of its enhanced workflow management application, BristolByte, to transform medical billing processes.

Bristol Healthcare Services is a premier medical billing company offering complete medical coding & billing solutions with cutting-edge technology. The company is committed to transforming its business using the best technology infrastructure, platform and expertise. Using the latest technology, Bristol Healthcare can help clients operate more efficiently and adapt to evolving needs.

The company has designed a comprehensive one-of-its-kind cloud-based workflow management application, BristolByte, for healthcare entities that is fully HIPAA compliant. BristolByte was born out of the company’s passion for innovation and continual improvement. This rich-in-features application accelerates a client’s ability to categorize information on multiple clients.

BristolByte checks the patient’s insurance eligibility with just a few clicks and cross-verifies the insurance information, followed by a simple interactive process that makes populating a claim easy. The scrubbing tool mitigates the difficulties encountered in scrubbing while ensuring a faster and more comfortable scrubbing experience. With a built-in clearinghouse feature, claims can be tracked on a real-time basis.

Bristolbyte’s innovative AR Management provides a comprehensive end-to-end claim tracking mechanism. Built-in rules and scenarios are designed to enhance the quality of the billing process. Through a robustly designed reporting and dashboard, clients can easily understand their billing clients’ financial health.

Bristolbyte allows uploading of Coding, Charge, Payment documents and assigning documents to work. Clients can set up Target/Goal Management and Internal Productivity Tracking, allowing them to focus on driving business performance with a competitive edge.

The HRMS module has been recently developed with features that include tracking leave, total working hours and break hours of employees. It tracks the productivity of an employee and generates customized reports. The recruitment process can be monitored and payroll generated as well. There is a seamless integration of employee productivity project-wise, employee leave and salary. Ease of use and flexibility are the hallmarks of the module.

Under the Helpdesk/Ticketing feature, queries are addressed immediately and adequately. Clients can set user hierarchy and access rights and location-based access rights and Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarter, Annual Checklists.

“BristolByte harnesses the power of the cloud to fundamentally transform how clients run their critical business functions. Adoption of BristolByte is sure to create long-term value for our clients,” says Jay Ganesh, CEO of Bristol Healthcare Services.


Bristol Healthcare Services is one of the leading medical billing and coding companies. The company has been serving medical professionals for over twenty years, helping them increase their revenue and keep their cash flow consistent. The entire gamut of revenue cycle services is offered at cost-effective rates; practices can save up to 50% of costs. The company believes that physicians should be reimbursed fully for the services they provide.

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