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8 Facts to Check while Choosing your Offshore Vendor

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Billing professionals at an offshore company

The healthcare system is quite a complex system to navigate with many rules and regulations to follow. The medical billing sub-system has so much paperwork involved that healthcare providers find it challenging to surmount. Apart from this, rules keep changing and billing staff has to be well versed in them so that claims are not rejected. These factors are quite likely to result in increasing account receivables affecting the financial health of a practice. It would be prudent to opt for assistance from an offshore vendor to handle your back-office work effectively.

Choosing an offshore vendor with whom you can have a relationship based on trust and commitment is vital for you. Here are 8 points upon which you can base your decision while selecting your offshore vendor.

Experience and Performance

Check how long the company has been in the industry. It is an indicator that clients have been happy with the services offered. Check with other clients who have partnered with the company. Is their performance up to the mark?

Certified Coders

Are the coders certified staff? Check if all the coders are AHIMA or AAPC certified. Accuracy in coding is essential to minimizing rejections by payors. Are the coders regularly trained in the different codes used in claims preparation?

Knowledgeable Billing Team

The healthcare industry is continually evolving. Rules and regulations are often changed. It is essential that the company’s billing team is on top of these changes and is knowledgeable regarding payors’ rules, policies of States and specialty-specific rules.

HIPAA Compliance

Is the billing company following all compliance regulations? Verify if the billing processes are HIPAA compliant. Check to see if steps are taken to safeguard patient data and the security of physical assets.

Size of company and scalability 

Study the size of the company and the number of employees. It is crucial to ensure that the company will render uninterrupted service by employing a sufficient number of billers and coders. Further, they must have the resources to scale up when your practice expands.

Customer Care

Check out how the company responds to the queries of its clients. Are there dedicated managers who will handle their issues competently? Staff interactions with patients are equally important. Happy patients bring in referrals for you.

 Cost of services 

The cost of service is one of the primary reasons for outsourcing. The charges that will be billed must be clearly stated. Check for hidden charges and discounts offered, if any and under what conditions. It is good to check out the various packages offered and see which one suits your budget and needs.

 Plans for Business Continuity in Emergencies

It is imperative that the offshore billing company have business continuity plans for emergencies. Your work should be done by them irrespective of the external situation. This aspect needs to be checked out at the outset.

How can Bristol Healthcare assist you?

Bristol Healthcare Services will satisfy all the medical billing company requirements, for we have invested in excellent people and the latest technology. The company is fully compliance-oriented. Our billers and coders undergo continuing staff education to keep them abreast of all changes in the industry.

At Bristol Healthcare, our team will take care of your billing and coding needs and assist you in expanding your practice. We will also serve as your front–office and take care of your patients as well.

Talk to us for a mutually rewarding partnership!

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