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We provide durable medical equipment & home medical equipment billing services nationwide. Our billing experts analyze and derive at the possibility of increasing your revenues with our proven working methodology. We provide customized services based on each client’s requirement. Our workflow lowers your cost and shortens payment cycles ensuring consistent cash flow.

Our Services:

  • Insurance Billing
  • Patient Billing
  • Insurance Receivables
  • Patient Receivables
  • Patient Care follow
  • Patient Surveys

How It works:

  • Claims will deliver to DME MAC Jurisdiction based on the items (Part B/ Part C)
  • Modifier’s will append all the items (RR- Rental, NU-Purchase) to classify the Equipment order
  • Claims will route out with purchase order/Documentations to DME Jurisdiction C through electronically to get payment quickly
  • CMN and/or physician orders delivery ticket
  • WOPD, first month purchase order (when applicable)
  • We review all documentation for completion, accuracy, compliance, qualifications & medical justification
  • We enter all billable claims and send you a report of all that is not billable
  • A final Pre-Audit before transmitting claims
  • Claims are transmitted directly to the payors
  • Rejection Monitoring
  • ERA Postings
  • Secondary Claims generation
  • Denials, No-pays and partial pays are worked on time
  • We send your 10-month letters on all capped rentals
  • We automatically bill your monthly rental patients until we receive pick-up notification from your office
  • We invoice once a month for all payments received

“Save 30% on your overhead costs and improve your profitability”

  • 95% claims first-pass rate