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At Bristol we have always embraced new technologies that help to increase quality, productivity, revenues and turnaround time. EHR incentive programs have encouraged many healthcare providers to go the digital way. In today’s market we have hundreds of EHR software that are used by hospitals, physicians and medical billing companies. We completely understand the changing trends and have modified our process to fit your workflow.

We have good experience working in many leading EHR software. We have listed a few below:

  • Allscripts
  • Aprima
  • Caretaker
  • Centricity
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Mckesson
  • Kareo
  • Nextgen
  • Office Ally
  • Practice Fusion and more

Our services :

We offer a wide range of EMR Billing Services

Patient Registration / Demographics Entry

New Patients : We can make entries from paper documents (super-bills, patient intake sheets) directly into your electronic medical records software.

Existing Patients : We verify existing entries for accuracy and will update new insurance or address information whenever necessary.

Charge Entry

We capture all the charges for the patients and make entries directly into electronic medical records software. We understand the importance of linking the correct diagnosis to the procedure codes and ensure high accuracy. We add appropriate modifiers to the procedures whenever required.

Electronic Claims Submission

We understand the importance of quickly and efficiently exchanging healthcare information in a safe, secure and cost effective way. At Bristol we submit all claims electronically directly to the payers or clearing houses. Claims submitted electronically get paid faster than paper claims. Electronic claims submission also reduces denials as most of the rejections are handled immediately after the claims submission.

Payment Posting

Electronic Posting : Electronic Remittance Advice received from Insurance companies are automatically applied to the system and reviewed for accuracy.

Manual Posting : Payments (EOBs) received by mail from insurance companies are manually applied to respective patient accounts matching the date of services and procedures.

Rejections and Denials Management

Rejections Management : Claims submitted electronically are immediately checked for missing information. Each claim is verified against different rules and specifications of payers. If any claim is incomplete a rejection report is generated. At Bristol we immediately resolve these rejections and resend clean claims. This process ensures claims that reach the payers are clean and get paid quickly.

Denials Management : We identify the most common denials and find overall solutions for it. All the denials received are closely monitored and analyzed. We update our standard operating procedures to prevent these denials in future. Our denials management ensures quick reimbursement and increases your revenues.

Account Receivables Management

Our team works on claims where payment is delayed, partially paid or denied. Our experienced account receivables experts get right to the issue and follow up with the payer immediately. We make necessary corrections and send the claims for reprocessing. We stay on top of those accounts until they are completely resolved.

  • Costs reduced by 40%
  • 95% average collection ratio