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Streamlined & Automate Workflows

  • Automate common processes, such as drawing reviews and approvals
  • Use the powerful search engine to quickly find the right information among workflows and associated documents
  • Align internal and cross-organizational processes to reduce confusion and increase consistency Adhere to agreed procedures right across the project

Increased Speed & Efficiency

  • Specify routing, editing and approval steps, and the associated timelines to create a fast, efficient process and reduce delay time
  • Get up and running quickly with customizable template workflows developed with industry input and experience
  • Build new workflows (including sub- and parallel workflows) with an easy-to-use wizard

Increased Control & Visibility

  • A powerful search engine helps you find and manage workflows and associated documents, fast
  • Extensive reporting gives real-time visibility to upcoming and outstanding tasks, helping identify process bottlenecks
  • A single platform ensures all project participants follow agreed processes on a common system — so you can check approval and completion statuses across the whole project at a glance

Increased Control & Visibility

  • Management can concentrate on strategic business oriented activities, rather than the day-to-day operational tasks, such as task allocation and monitoring progress. This means the organization can grow as a business
  • Decisions that were determined by people can be made by the workflow, based on businesses rules that can be made to represent human decisions
  • Since the workflow is linked to a database, it keeps a record of what occurs in the system. An audit trail shows who, what& when actions were performed
  • Modifying the order of the steps can make the process more efficient. For example, some steps could run simultaneously as opposed to sequentially
  • Workflow can help by identifying and removing the unnecessary steps/processes
  • Paperwork and paper chasing is eliminated thus reduces wastage and saves time. Automatic routing with no paper handling and fast travel time will significantly cut time. The constant movement of the workflow means once a person has finished their part, they can immediately pass it on, so it does not sit around where it can be forgotten or lost
  • It improves visibility. Tracking can allow a staff member to instantly check the status of the item. It allows the key people to see the critical processes at every point, identifying problems, and bottlenecks, and monitor end-to-end performance throughout