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Ambulance billing is a unique specialty in that the coding employed is different from that of medical coding used for physician and hospital services. There is a vast difference between billing for ambulance services and other services. A few examples are; in ambulance coding, condition codes must be used because an EMS license holder cannot diagnose; only a physician can. Further, the patient's condition may be very different from the one used to dispatch the ambulance. There are rules regarding which condition must appear on the claim.

The basis of ambulance coding and billing is the Patient Care Report filed by the ambulance crew. The "run sheets" as filled in when the patient is picked up are additional documentation. These documents must be accurate to avoid compliance issues and to prepare error-free claims.

At Bristol Healthcare Services, all our billers and coders are certified. The ambulance billing team is trained regularly in all the unique aspects of ambulance billing and coding. They are also kept updated on the ever-changing rules in the healthcare industry. The coders are taught to self-audit their work. And there is the next stage of internal audit. Where ambulance billing is concerned, Medicare penalties are significant (Medicare is the largest payor for ambulance services) and hence claims must be passed the first time.

Bristol Healthcare Services has been in the healthcare industry for over two decades serving medical professionals with commitment and integrity. Our years of billing and coding experience enable us to have a great turnaround time of 12-24 hours. Our ambulance billing team will submit error-free claims and ensure full reimbursement for you.

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