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Bristol Healthcare Services is a Medical blling company that has partnered with thousands of healthcare professionals over two decades. Our behavioral health billing services will take care of your entire revenue cycle management.

Behavioral health services are often rendered at different facilities for a patient, especially those with severe disabling problems, making billing complex. Most behavioral healthcare professionals do not have the time and expertise to handle complex billing processes. By partnering with an experienced billing company like Bristol Healthcare Services, your practice will benefit in several ways.

  • Our team consists of certified billers and coders.
  • Coders and billers undergo regular training to update their knowledge and keep them abreast of changes in codes, rules, and regulations.
  • For behavioral health services, guidelines vary between states and payors. Our billing team is knowledgeable and will prepare accurate claims for submission.
  • We ensure that clean claims are submitted so that your reimbursements are faster.
  • Denial management is our forte. We have fine-tuned our strategies to reduce denials.
  • The client has full access to all the data relating to his practice.
  • Dedicated customer service for both clients and patients.
  • Partnering with us will bring down your capital expenses and drastically reduce your recurring expenses also.
  • We have a flexible pricing plan to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

Bristol Healthcare Services has been in the healthcare industry for over twenty years serving medical professionals with total commitment. We have helped them to elevate their practices’ by increasing their revenues and reducing their back-office stress.

Partner with us and watch your practice grow!

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