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5 smart ways to get your behavioral health claims paid faster!

Behavioral health professionals face unique and complex billing challenges. The nature of the patient population, the needs of the patients at various stages, and the norms for insurance coverage add to the challenges the providers face to keep the practice running.

Billing insurance companies and getting paid fairly is no easy task. Being aware of rules and regulations is vital. Here are a few ways to become adept at behavioral health services billing and get paid quickly.

1) Become familiar with your codes

Familiarity with Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and ICD-10 codes pertaining to behavioral health is the lifeline to correct billing of the services you render. To avoid denials, knowledge of the correct codes to use is a must.

2) Study insurance companies and their plans

Insurance coverage varies between companies and between plans. Even though patients may be using the same payor, your services may not be covered for all the patients. Also, patients may be using multiple payors. Studying the guidelines of payors will help you to avoid surprises in the future.

3) Eligibility verification is essential.

Insurance eligibility and coverage must be verified before the patient visits you. Pre-authorization requirements should also be checked. While checking with the insurance company, have the correct demographic details to verify insurance coverage.

4) Submit claims early

Insurance companies, whether federal or commercial, have time limits before which claims should be filed. Check with the companies and submit claims before the due dates, so it does not result in rejection.

5) Partner with the right billing company

The right medical billing company for you will use behavioral health Revenue Cycle Management software for your practice. Such software is more effective in handling your practice’s claims and therefore generates higher revenue for you.

How Bristol Healthcare can assist you?

Bristol Healthcare Services has been in the healthcare industry for over two decades. Our billing and coding team is certified and trained in behavioral health services billing. The expertise of the team ensures the submission of clean claims for you. Having been in the healthcare industry for decades, we have studied all the insurance companies and are familiar with their rules and guidelines. Further, we keep track of the changes constantly made by regulatory authorities and payors.

We offer insurance eligibility verification and pre-authorization services to ensure that your patients are covered by their insurance plans before the visit itself.

Partnering with us will free you of the stress that comes with coding and billing your specialty. You will be able to have more time for patient engagement. Also, you do not have to spend on capital expenses for hardware, software, office space. Monthly costs are also reduced. Since we take care of the entire claims reimbursement process, you are paid quickly and your cash flow is uninterrupted.

Let us assist you in taking your practice to the next level!

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