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A successful chiropractic practice indicates that there is excellent revenue cycle management in place. Having served medical professionals for over twenty years, we use our years of chiropractic billing knowledge to get your claims processed speedily and effectively. This ensures maximum reimbursements for you.

Our billing and coding team will see you through the nuances of Workmen’s compensation and No-Fault claims. We understand the importance of modifiers with coding and ensure that coding is accurate for you. Our internal audit team will check the coding before the submission of the claim.

A substantial number of denials are related to incorrect demographic data entry. Denials also arise due to incorrect insurance verification. These steps in the revenue cycle are important, as well as correct documentation. Our services cover these steps too. When you partner with us, we are with you at every stage of the chiropractic billing cycle, ensuring the submission of clean claims.

Your claims will be prepared accurately and submitted promptly by our billing team using the latest, state-of-the-art technology and software. Through continuing education, training and study of industry publications, our team stays informed on the constantly changing rules and coding requirements to ensure quick reimbursements for you.

We systematically and continuously follow up on all unpaid claims to ensure that you are paid for your services. Our decades of experience have taught us how to deal with payor delays and claim processing errors to get you the reimbursement that is due to you. Our mission is to increase your cash flow, improve your bottom line and expand your practice!

Our customized and superior services make us an excellent partner allowing you and your staff more time to devote to patient care.

Partner with us for mutual growth!

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