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BristolByte: A Trusted Workflow Management Software

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BristolByte, a workflow management software, being explained


8 Ways How BristolByte Increases Your Cash Flow!

Medical coding and billing is an invisible engine in the healthcare industry. No healthcare entity can sustain itself without consistent cash flow. Efficient medical coding and billing is an essential part of the revenue cycle management. Keeping track of the documentation between patient, provider and payer is vital and a well-designed Workflow Management Software will keep you on top of the situation.

In this regard, BristolByte, a unique cloud-based workflow management software, can give you numerous advantages. It is created by professionals with their experience and expertise of working with thousands of providers.

It has been programed to streamline the workflow by managing coding, demo, charges, payments and Accounts Receivables (AR) at the same time.

Unique features of BristolByte are:

  1. 1) Workflow Management software will contain a Master Database, unlike other software.
  2. Under the project section, information on multiple clients can be categorized. It will help you retain the information about any client quickly, thereby enabling you to handle various clients.
  3. 2) BristolByte provides 100% security and privacy to patients’ health information. Under the HIPPA security, we ensure you a strongly vaulted safety of your data from hackers, electronic theft and disasters. With our HIPPA Privacy, we safeguard all the health information from any unauthorized party.
  4. 3) With a 24X7 cloud-based connectivity to the ERA interface, eligibility information and other significant information, BristolByte provides the best workflow service ever created. With just a few clicks, BristolByte checks the patient’s eligibility and cross-verifies the insurance information, followed by a simple interactive process that makes populating a claim easy.
  5. 4) After a detailed check of eligibility and documentation, our scrubbing tool ensures a faster and more comfortable scrubbing experience. With a built-in clearinghouse feature, you can track all your claims on a real-time basis. The new methodology of coding and billing helps systematically navigate the entire workflow, resulting in a prosperous workplace and zero human errors.
  6. 5) Bristolbyte provides centralized Account Receivables Management with a comprehensive end-to-end claim tracking mechanism. Built-in rules and scenarios are designed for handling the process smoothly. Through our robustly designed reporting and dashboard, you can easily understand your billing clients’ financial health.
  7. 6) You have an easily configurable workflow for each process. Further, you can create multiple workflows for Charges, Payments and AR. Also, expedite insurance company payments.
  8. 7) Bristolbyte allows you to upload Coding, Charge, Payment documents and assign documents to work. You can set up Target / Goal Management and Internal Productivity Tracking.
  9. 8) Under the Helpdesk/Ticketing feature, queries are addressed immediately and adequately. Rulebook, Online Test/Training / Quiz to groom associates. User hierarchy and access rights. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarter, Annual Checklists. Location-based access rights.

Using Bristolbyte to solve your workflow management is a decision you will not regret.

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